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Review: The Pajama Frame by Diane Vallere

The Pajama Frame (A Madison Night Mystery Book 5)Title: The Pajama Frame
Author:  Diane Vallere
Publisher: Henry Press 
Publishing Date:  February 27th, 2018
Pages: 268
Genre: Adult Cozy Mystery
Series:  Mad For Mod #5
Source:  Audio

Nightie Night!

Interior decorator Madison Night is no stranger to the occasional odd inheritance. But when an octogenarian friend dies and leaves her a pajama factory, the bounty is bittersweet.

Once a thriving business, Sweet Dreams closed decades ago after a tragic accident took the life of a young model. Or was that simply a cover up?

Between her friend’s death and her own stagnant life, Madison is tempted to hide under a blanket of willful ignorance.

But when family members and special interest groups lobby to expose the secrets of the factory, Madison gets caught in a tangle of secrets and lies and discovers that sometimes, the bed you make is not your own.

This is the 5th book in this series, and I am almost caught up. I am excited. I don't know if the next book is the last or the latest. I hope the latest, because I really do enjoy this series.  I really enjoy the main character and the supporting characters. The mysteries are always good and fun and I just really do enjoy them.This one was another great read, not my favorite, but still fun to read. 

Madison loses a friend in this book. Her friends leaves her a pajama factory.Madison is very excited for this even after she learns the history and death that happened in this factory. Madison feels she is needs to investigate the death that happened decades ago. Someone doesn't want her to discover the truth and of course bad things start to happen. 

Another grand mystery. I did like the mystery in this one. It wasn't quite as exciting as the past mysteries but I did enjoy it. It had lots of family secrets and lies which are always fun. It also had a bit of a haunted warehouse feel too. At times I even felt I ventured back into the 60's or somewhere there about. It had a good fun vintage feel to the entire book.

Madison is one of my favorite characters and that has not changed. I really would love to her with Tex and I hope the next book puts these two together. There is so much sexual tension between the two its kind of ridiculous. There really wasn't much romance in this book though. Kind of missed that a bit. 

What I love about Madison and these books, she is so independent and relies on no one. She knows that someone in her life t o love could make her life better but she is happy just being her too. She doesn't allow others to make choices for her and she just befriends the entire world. Oh her puppy is fun too. 

So really I read these books for Madison, the mid century decor, and for the doggy in the story. The mysteries just add to the fun. 

Really another great book to add to my Mad for Mod collection. 

Still loving this series. It's so much fun!

Diane Vallere
I grew up reading both Trixie Belden mysteries and Vogue magazine and learned how to spot a counterfeiting ring and accessorize a wardrobe. Now I use that knowledge to dream up plots for the humorous mysteries I write. I still love accessories, only now some of them are accessories to murder.

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