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Review: Zombie Princess Apocalypse by Jeffrey John Eyamie

Zombie Princess Apocalypse (The Oddities, #1)Title: Zombie Princess Apocalyplse
Author:  Jeffrey John Eyamie
Publisher:  Wooly Mammoth Yarns
Publishing Date: March 17th 2012
Pages: 246
Genre: YA Dark Comedy/Horror
Series:  The Oddities 
Source: Kindle
When you wish upon a star, your
dreams come true...
...Emm Dillinger must do
everything in her power to keep
that from happening.

The new fashion outlet in town
has all kinds of things to
make a girl feel like a princess,
including a tiara that'll turn
Jacob Williams High School's
prom into the zombie princess

Only Emm and her team of
oddballs can save humanity
from its own secret wish:
to have people eating
their hearts out.


I found this book one day... roaming around on goodreads... and thought...hmmm this sounds interesting. I looked it up an Amazon and it was on Kindle Unlimited sooo.... yes I grabbed and read and to this day have no idea what I rad but I do know I enjoyed it. This was a very very interesting, strange, unusual, and unique read for me. I don't know if there is another book out there quite like this but for me, I haven't ever found one. It had zombies, princesses, witches, friendship, loyalty, loss, laughs, a little bit of of romance. It was a jumble of things that were thrown together and it worked. 

Emm grew up without a mom for the most part. She remembers her a little but she died. She also grew up with a traveling circus. As a teenager her father dies and leaves her with her stepmother. They quit the circus, move to a suburb house and she enrolls in school for the first time. This is when things get a bit strange. Her counselor tells her to visit a store in the mall, the store gives her tasks to do that lead to some pretty strange things.... and its all to prepare her to stop the zombie princess apocalypse. What is a zombie princess apocalypse you ask. Well its teenage girls turning into zombie snow whites, zombie cinderellas and ect. Oh and they each have their own prince charming except he isn't so charming. So it is up to Emm to stop this from happening. 

This sounds a bit strange right. It was totally strange but it worked. It was fun, it was gross, it was zombies, it was so different than anything I have ever read. 

This book definitely was more story driven for me and I didn't really get to connect to the characters but that felt okay. I connected enough to like them but not as much as I usually like. Emm was new to everything, suburbs, friends, school, and now she was thrown into zombie stuff so she was hard to connected too. She was busy. But she was loyal and I liked that. She wasn't the brightest at times but she wasn't dumb either. I think just shell shocked. 

Emm had to friends in thes tory that helped her along with her mission. I did like them. John was a jock but he was the nicest person ever. He never abandoned those he cared about and I loved that about him. Olly was okay. He was in love with Emm and wined a lot. I didn't really like that but he was still tolerable and in the end he did redeem himself. 

Two other characters of noteworthiness. I liked her stepmother and I liked the counselor. They were a bit extreme but they were very likable. They cared for Emm and the end of the world. Lots of interesting characters. 

The story was for sure the best part. It was amazing. It was all over the place and didn't follow any rules. I wasn't sure what I was reading ninety percent of the time but I just didn't care. It was so freaking funny I just kept reading. I mean it was really out there.

If you like dark comedy and strange things this just may be the book for you. 

I really enjoyed this read. 

Jeffrey John Eyamie wrote his first novel in Grade 3 and his second novel in journalism school. Thankfully, they are both locked away in hermetically sealed containers. 
A former child television star and grunge singer, Jeff once worked for Canada’s minister of foreign affairs, conducted a feature interview with Bob Vila while sitting on the john, gave the commissioner of the National Hockey League a dressing-down on national television, and won second prize in a literary beauty contest.

He now writes screenplays and stories, mostly.

You can follow him on twitter: @eyamie

Monday, October 26, 2015

Its Monday What Are You Reading

Last week I read 

Zombie Princess Apocalypse (The Oddities, #1)Adventures in Funeral Crashing (Funeral Crashing, #1)From Where I Watch YouWe Have Always Lived in the CastleThorn Jack (Night and Nothing, #1)This Monstrous Thing

And My favorite read of last week was 

The Uninvited

This week coming up I have 

The Westing GameIf You're LuckyThe Rest of Us Just Live HereThe Mystery of Hollow PlacesWhat Waits in the WoodsA Madness So Discreet

What have been your great Halloween reads this year?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Tag You're It: Addams Family Tag

We found this book tag over at Reading by Lamplight and thought it sounded fun... so we decided to join in.

1. Morticia Addams the mother and a witch.
What is your favorite witch book? 

Born Wicked is by far my favorite. Loved this series. Although still need to read the last one.

 Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles, #1)

This is difficult for me..  I don't know the last time i read a witch book. I'm gonna go with Harry Potter.. It counts right?

2. Gomez Addams is a loving father.
Who is your favorite fictional dad?

HMMMM..... I love Mr. Baxter from Last Man Standing. He craps me up. 

He.. craps you up? That's worrisome..
My favorite fictional dad would have to be Rick Grimes. 

3.Uncle Fester Addams can generate electricity.
What books makes you light up so much that you cant stop yourself talking about it?

Right now its The 5th Wave Series.... love them love them love them.
The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave, #1)

I'm on a horror kick. So anything that gives me the creeps pretty much. I just read The Dead House..SO SO GOOD. Be prepared for a review later on that one. 

4. Wednesday Addams is obsessed with death.
If you could have killed off a character in any book who would it have been?

hmmmm really I don't know I think every character is important to the series. I am currently reading From Where I watch you and the main character's best friend is so annoying and crazy and I don't really like her much...

Hmm. There's this guy called Garth Vader in a book I read recently. He was a jerk. 

5. Pugsley Addams has a vicious nature and plays nasty pranks on everyone. 
Who is your favorite villain?

Darth Vader for sure.... 

Image result for darth vader gif

I have a few.. Vader of course, Joker and Harley, and also Voldemort

6. Lurch is based on Frankenstein and a zombie. 

What is your favorite adaptation of a story?

The Lunar Chronicles for Sure....
The Splinter series. Alice is my favorite everything, so this series was fantastic for me.
Splintered (Splintered, #1)Unhinged (Splintered, #2)Ensnared (Splintered, #3)

7. Grandmama is an old classic witch. 
What is your favorite old classic horror book?

More of a murder mystery thriller than a horror but I loved it And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

And Then There Were None

I really liked Frankenstein. Also anything Edgar Allan Poe.

8. Show us some of your horror books.

I have a bunch on audio and kindle. I have read these this month and really enjoyed.

The HouseShallow GravesThe UninvitedHotel RubyThe Ghost Files (The Ghost Files, #1)

I have also read a couple really great ones. Not as many, but you know, I read slower


I just started Imaginary Girls and so far I'm liking it. 

9. What are you going as for Halloween this year?

Steampunk Bride of Frankenstein. Same as last year. It was a hit and I didn't have to spend money.. Win/Win.

Probably just a skeleton like last year as well. I looked pretty awesome. 

10. Favorite Halloween films!!!

My new favorite discovered this year... 

I have to agree with Jenn, Monster squad was AMAZING. I also love Nightmare Before Christmas, we've already watched it about 8 times this year. I also love Addams Family, though I haven't watched that one in a while. 

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