Saturday, July 21, 2018

Creature Feature: Ogre, Ogre, Ogre!

Creature Feature created by Michael is a feature that focuses on the wonderful world of fantasy, science fiction, and horror creatures. 

Today we have a very special guest with us today. You might know him from the movies Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, and Shrek Forever After. The best friend of Ogre Shrek, donkey.

Me: Hi thanks for joining us today. First question is about you is your name really donkey.

Donkey: (talking fast) where's my waffles? Did you trick me into coming here and not giving me waffles.
Me: Don't worry I will get you waffles, after you answers some questions.

Donkey: Alright, but I want lots and lots of waffles. I can't get enough of those golden brown fluffy things with lots of syrup. Man I can't stop thinking about them.
Me: okay well let's get started so we can get these questions answered and you can eat some waffles donkey. But back to my question. Is your real name donkey?
Donkey: Well I think my mom wanted to call me Don the king, but all she could say when they asked for my name was Donkey. Maybe I should rename myself Don the King. I like the sound of that.
Me: I kind of like donkey better.
Donkey: why thank you.
Me: Since you are friends with an ogre I thought I'd ask you some questions about ogre.
Donkey: O here we go again, Shrek, Shrek, Shrek. Why is everything about him? Why can't people be interested in me donkey. I am pretty good you see. And if it wasn't for me Shrek would be toast. So thank you very much to me for keeping him safe.
Me: well most of us know about donkeys and this is creature feature where we explore mythical and legendary type beings. A donkey is pretty common for us. But an ogre is pretty rare so we would like to learn more about them.
Donkey: I see how it is. Donkeys just not good enough for you. Yeah always the ogres. They are so big green and scary. They have warts and live in the swamps. Why didn't you ask Shrek here if you wanted to know about ogres instead of me.
Me: well rumor has it that ogres like to eat humans and particularly infants. I didn't want him eating me or any babies along the way.
Donkey: Shrek wouldn't eat any babies or you. He's kind of crabby and rude that is for sure, but a baby eater he is not. I think some of his relatives may have done that like his great great grandfather he said. But not Shrek. O wait was I supposed to tell you that. Well I guess the secret is out.
Me: So do ogres live?
Donkey: well Shrek likes to live in a swamp, but a lot of his family likes to live in caves and some in mountains. The farther away from humans the better for them. They try to stay far away.
Me: Do Ogres ever take a bath?
Donkey: o man Shrek hasn't taken a bath in years. As long as I have known him anyway and boy does he stink. And I should be talking because I'm a donkey and all. So If I say he stinks you'd better believe he stinks. Now can I have some waffles I am hungry.
Me: Alright alright I got a huge plate of t hr email for you. (Hands donkey waffles)
Donkey: Waffles!!!!

Ogres have appeared in many different media forms over the years:


A Tale of Two Castles (A Tale of Two Castles, #1)Princess of ThornsShrek!The Spiderwick Chronicles Box Set (The Spiderwick Chronicles, #1-5)


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