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Board Game Break Time: Steam Park

Board Game Break Time is a new feature we're bringing in, where we play board games and review them. 

Title: Steam Park
Publisher:  IELLO
Year Published: 2013
Designer: Aureliano Buonfino,
Lorenzo Silva, Lorenzo Tucci SorrentinoGame Mechanism: Real Time Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Tile Placement
# of Players: 2-4   Best: 4
Ages: 8+
Play Time: 60 Minutes

Average Rating: 6.9

Average Rating: 4.1 

From Manufacturer on Amazon

Make the most enticing, cleanest, and well-oiled amusement park there is!
Heading Full-Steam Into Fun!

In this management game you will build your own gigantic, coal-powered amusement park and make it the largest and most profitable in the annual fair. By constructing the three- dimensional, beautifully designed rides, you will see your park grow right before your eyes.

But as owners of those fantastic steam park, building attractions won’t be enough: you’ll also need to manage your employees, invest in advertising in order to attract and please the different kinds of guests visiting your park, and, above all, keep the dirt park produces under strict control!

This game is the cutest. Ash found this game and it was part of our first monthly hauls. It took us a while to play it, I think it looked a little intimidating at first. There are a lot of parts.... however it's really easy to learn how to play. Once I finally read the rules book, I was like oh I get this. By the way the rules book is so entertaining. They really put thought into writing it up. The game is a ton of fun. I love the real time dice rolling. The fact that you can keep rolling until you decide you are done is great. The first one day is rewarded with first to go which is always good. So there are advantages and disadvantages to take a while rolling. 

The components are quite nice. They are cardboard so I am not sure who long they will hold up but they are cute. I love the robot meeples... because well robot meeples. The idea that they leave dirt behind in the park is funny and it feels I am  always cleaning  up after them. I tend to call it poop by accident because the pictures look like poop. Anyways the components are fun and cute and quirky. 

We also have the expansion pack: Play Dirty, which brings in a completely new play and adds a lot more fun to the game. Board Game Geek says this game is best for 4 but I think we have more fun with 2-3 people . It's quite strategic but so adorable it's hard to see it as a strategic game. 

Lots of fun!

Length of play: 

What Michael Thought: 

Ever wanted to build a theme park for robots! Well now you can! This fun game that involves dice rolling, and objective based game is fast and fun. And it has some great artwork and reading the instructions is even fun, because someone had a funny sense of humor. It has lots of jokes inside about humans since the instructions are obviously written in point of view of robots.
I think the game is well thought out. As each dice has a different action you can perform. And you can roll the dice over and over, but its advantageous to chose dice fast as you get bonus for being first but negative repercussions if you end up last.

You also have cards which gives you certain amount of points for achieving that many colored guests or squares. So it's best to get those done as well to score maximum points.

I recommend this game for lots of different games as I think it's not to hard to learn mechanics and have fun with it. And it can pretty fast even with 4 players as it's only 5-6 rounds depending on number of players.

Overall : 
Length of play:  

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