Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Confessions of a Bibliophile: Well-Loved Books or Nah?

Let's Confess. This feature is here just to do what it says. All those things you do that you are ashamed of or maybe just embarrassed about, possibly fear judgment for? We feel the need to confess it all! 


This is the biggest thing for me. Because I see people talk against it all the time. They hate it, and I don't understand why.

So I'm always ashamed to say that I actually love this thing.

The thing being...

Torn up books. I dog ear, crack the spines, toss around, and love my books. I absolutely love when my books look old and torn up and... well, well-loved.

I don't care if the covers are torn or half falling off, or the pages are creased or maybe have a little tearing. Just a little though, I want to be able to read them still.

I also purposely crack my spines. *Hides* please don't hurt me. I love how cracked spines look!


I am going to piggy back off of Ash but I am the opposite. I liked to try and keep my books looking new. When I read a hardcover I take off the cover. I try and not bend the spine much. I also try and use bookmarks. But real life is this..

My pages are dogeared because I can't find a bookmark. My book covers get lost or bent up on my shelves. The actual book gets water damage from reading in the bathtub. So do they stay looking new. No. Does it bother me? Only when I have read the book and I want it looking pretty and shiny and new on my bookshelf. It is then that I have to talk myself out of replacing the book so it can be perfect on my bookshelf. So my confession.... I am a reader but want to look like a book collector!

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So what are some of your biggest bibliophile confessions?

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  1. I totally dog-ear. I never have a bookmark unless it is an old receipt or something. I feel like bookmarks are too pretty to use??? I guess because I feel like they are going to get bend or the corners rounded while I'm reading. My confession: I read endings. Sometimes I just need to know!!


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