Thursday, April 18, 2019

Bookish Banter: The Season To Read

A little Bookish Banter to get us through.  Bookish Banter is a little bit of banter about our bookish thoughts as we have a friendly discussion over a nice cup of tea. 

This bookish banter is all about the things people do in books we would never do in real life. 


So we were talking- me and Ash- about the books we read. The genres and such and started thinking about seasons... is there certain season we read more of a certain genre than others? Do we prefer particular reads during particular seasons? Does it just not matter?

Well for me... I do prefer to read some genres more in a particular season over others. I don't actually stick to this but I have caught myself doing it. As in the summer.... I love to find easy beach reads or road trip books in the summer. I enjoy books about summer or summer camps, or camping in the summer. It seems the things I like to do in the summer are what I like to read in the summer. I tend to read more romance in the summer and also in during the Holidays. During the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas I find myself reading more romance or more family drama books. It just feels natural. 

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Now during the fall.... or close to Halloween... it's horror and thrillers all the way. Halloween just puts me in the mood for these. There is also spring... when it storms a bunch... if we are lucky here... I like to read thrillers. Thrillers and stormy weather are just a win. 

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Other than that I can't think of keeping my reads for certain seasons. I just find myself leaning towards these not so much rules of seasonal reading. I do find that I read thrillers and mysteries more than any other books and contemporary and romance less than any others. So reading the thrillers in the stormy weather or during the creepy season... doesn't surprise me much. But the summer always surprise me with romance reads.  I guess the summer makes me carefree enough to read these. Although the road trip books are what really get me in the summer, it just happens most of those are romance books. 

I'm partially a seasonal reader and partially not. Like Jenn said, I do find myself leaning towards certain books during certain times of the year.

In the spring I want light fluffy reads about romance. 

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In the summer I like camping, summery, beach reads. Even if the camping ones are thrillers. I love to camp and I feel like during the summer this is a good time to read those. Don't ask me why!

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Of course in the fall I love to read anything dark, horror, thriller, spooky, creepy, etc. Granted I love reading these any time of the year. But there is only one thing better than curling up outside, with a blanket, during the getting cold weather and reading a thriller book.

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And that one thing better is opening all the curtains and watching a storm while reading thrillers. Or any books.
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During the winter I also seem to like a lot more of the fluffy reads. Or reads with lots of issues. Mental health issues, abuse, growing up, etc. I think it fits well with the dreary dead of winter weather.

But like I said, I have certain genres I will just always read. Thriller. I love thrillers. Heh. 

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So do you tend to be a seasonal genre reader? 
Let’s banter!


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