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The Doll House by Phoebe Morgan

The Doll HouseTitle:  The Doll House 
Author:  Phoebe Morgan
Publisher: HQ Digital 
Publishing Date:  September 14th, 2017
Pages: 355
Genre: Adult Psychological Thriller
Series:  Stand Alone
Source:  Audio

You never know who’s watching…

Corinne’s life might look perfect on the outside, but after three failed IVF attempts it’s her last chance to have a baby. And when she finds a tiny part of a doll house outside her flat, it feels as if it’s a sign.

But as more pieces begin to turn up, Corinne realizes that they are far too familiar. Someone knows about the miniature rocking horse and the little doll with its red velvet dress. Someone has been inside her house…

How does the stranger know so much about her life? How long have they been watching? And what are they waiting for…?

I don't remember how I discovered this book. Maybe off of audible in my many searches. But I thought it sounded creepy and good. So I grabbed it. It was creepy, it was good. I enjoyed the read. I had a bit of trouble with the pacing. Some parts were a little slow and it was a little more predictable than I like. I feel the who was revealed way too  early. But other than that it was a creepy good read. 

Dominic and Corinne have been trying to have a baby for while. They are in their last IVF treatment and are hoping for the best. Things are looking up, until strange things start happening. At first it seems like a sweet gift, a dollhouse piece, a good luck sign. But after received more and more she realizes that they are part of a dollhouse her father built for her when she was small. Her father is dead, her mother has packed away the dollhouse. Things are just getting creepy. Someone seems to be watching her, following her, or is she going crazy??

I liked this read. It is no secret that my favorite genre is psychological thrillers. I love the creepy, I live the hair raising moments, I love the mind trips. I love it when an ending is so surprising I am floored. This book had some great moments. The creep factor was there, the hair raising moments were there. The mind trips and surprising ending...not so much. It was a good read but not what I wanted it to be. 

The book started out really good. When the doll house pieces started to show up it was creepy. I also enjoyed the secrets that lie within the stories.  These were some of the really good parts. The actual story was good and very interesting. There were times that the book had some slow moments though where I noticed I wasn't as invested. There weren't to many but enough to notice. Most of the psychological thrillers I read, I can't put them down. This book was the page turner I wanted. 

The story was good, but it was a little predictable. About halfway through, most of the who and why were revealed... the only thing left was what the person was going to do to Dominic and Corrine. Which I can say was creepy enough.... just I wish the who would have waited to be revealed a bit longer. Although the who as in who was doing was revealed but we didn't know who that was in particular in the life of main characters. It was easy to guess towards the end. Which by the way the ending was a little intense. I will say that. 

I did like the characters. I was easily invested in their stories and their lives. There were very few that I found error in. They were very likable and even the bad guy was very interesting.  I also enjoyed the dual narration.  Not knowing who the other narrator was, it was creepy. I enjoyed being in the mind of the psychopath. I love it when a book allows me to see into the evil.  

Really it was a solid read. It wasn't a wow book but it was solid and I will read more from this author. I think the best things were the creep factor and the intensity of the ending. 

It had me creeped out for sure. 

Phoebe Morgan

Phoebe Morgan is an author and editor. She studied English at Leeds University after growing up in the Suffolk countryside. She has previously worked as a journalist and now edits crime and women’s fiction for a publishing house during the day, and writes her own books in the evenings. She lives in London and you can follow her on Twitter @Phoebe_A_Morgan. The Doll House is her debut novel. It became a bestseller, topping the iBooks charts at #1 and the Amazon charts at #35.

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  1. Being in the mind of the bad guy can be interesting as you can see their motivation and thought process.


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