Saturday, March 9, 2019

Creature Feature: What The Puca?

Creature Feature created by Michael is a feature that focuses on the wonderful world of fantasy, science fiction, and horror creatures.

Today we are here with Sean O'Brien, Irish creature extraordinaire to talk about the Puca. A strange creature that is featured in some folklore. 

Me:Welcome Sean.

Sean: Good day to you lad. Nice of you to invite me to talk about this Wild creature.

Me: What does a pica look like?

Sean: That's a tricky question, you see, the Puca is a shape-shifter, so it can come in many different forms. There have been stories of people encountering them as a goats, horses, dogs, and rabbits. Though they typically have 3 distinctive features black hair, glowing gold or red eyes, and they can speak human language no matter what form they take.

Me: Do they eat humans?

Sean: Nay they shan't do that. They do they play tricks on humans though. They do like to tell tales, and can trick you into thinking they are telling you the truth about your house or family. And make you talk to them until you lose track of time. And they disappears without a trace, and you will wonder why you alone out in field by yourselves. They also like to offer rides as a horse. They will give you a terrifying ride of your life until the dawn breaks. They will do death defying leaps and give quite a fright lad. They then shall leave you in a far away place and you will have to make your way home by foot.
Me: Neither of those sound very good to me. Where would you encounter such creatures.

Sean: Oftentimes in open fields and usually often after harvest. It's best to leave them a bit behind to not anger them, which will cause them to wreak havoc on you or your family.
Me: Can you tame a Puca so you can ride them in horse form?

Sean: Aye, I've heard the tale of High King Brian Boru who tamed the beast.
Me: Does Puca pose a deadly threat to us?

Sean: Nay, I don't reckon they do. They are mostly tricksters and like to give terrifying rides to travelers on foot. They are interesting creatures with mischievous intentions.
Me: Thanks for the information and have a good day.

Sean: ta an la go maith
Me: what?

Sean: That's good day in Gaelic

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  1. The Puca sounds interesting. This is the first I've ever heard of it.


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