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Review: The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise

The Boyfriend App (App, #1)Title: The Boyfriend App
Author: Katie Sise
Publisher: Balzer & Bray
Publishing Date: April 30th, 2013
Pages: 312
Audio Length: 7 Hours and 30 Minutes
Genre: YA Contemporary 
Series: App #1
Source: Audio

Get the app. Get the guy.
Computer-whiz Audrey McCarthy feels most at home in a tech lab, surrounded by her fellow geeks. Once popular and fearless, she hasn't been the same since her dad died. And her ex-best friend, gorgeous queen bee Blake Dawkins, has turned into her worst nightmare. Audrey is counting the minutes until high school is over and she can get the hell out of Dodge and go to college-that is, if she can find a scholarship.
So when Public Corporation, a giant tech company, announces a contest for the best app developed by a high schooler-with $200,000 in prize money-Audrey is spurred to action. She comes up with an idea so simple, yet so brilliant, she can't believe it hasn't been done: the Boyfriend App. With a simple touch of the screen, romance blooms among the unlikeliest couples in high school, and people start to take notice. But it's not quite enough.
To beat out the competition, Audrey will have to dig deeper. And she does-right into a scandal that would rock Public to its core. Suddenly the Boyfriend App lands Audrey where she never expected to be: in the middle of the limelight, passionately kissed by the hottest guys in school, causing complete and utter mayhem. But can it bring her true love?
What made me pick this book up: 
I'm going back and reading books that we need to review on Edelweiss/Netgalley and this was one of them. 

What did I like about the cover: 
I love how it actually looks like a phone. The colors are also really cute. I think it works well for the book.

What made me read this book: 
Like I said I was going back and reading ones I needed to review, but also the premise sounded good. It sounds interesting and like a quick, cute, and fluffy read.

What did I like the most: 
The idea of a boyfriend app. Basically a dating app. I think the way she made it in the book was a really good and interesting idea. 

I also really like Xander... Or Aiden. I don't remember who was who. When listening to the book I kept getting them mixed up. 

Anyway, I also love the geeky mentions in this book. Gaming and books and such. I always love when books have that element to it. Especially since she's supposed to be super loner and geeky. 

What didn't I like: 
Ugh here's where it gets interesting. 

The MC was so annoying and clueless. "Gasp! He kissed me. Did he mean to do that? Does this mean he likes me?" 
Any time this guy does anything she's like OMG he likes me!? No he can't possibly! He doesn't like me at all. I love him but I can't ever be with him because he doesn't like me.

YET THE ENTIRE BOOK HE WAS FLIRTING WITH HER. Jeeze louise could you be any more clueless!?

And then everything changes. This part will probably be a huge spoiler, but I feel like it doesn't matter with this book. 

*Spoiler starts here*
When everything crashes and burns, which of course it did. She hacked into the company's mainframe and found a high pitch hum that basically hypnotizes people. So she adds that to her app. It was so completely stupid. I don't even understand why she thought this would work. Everything of course does work out in the end, because it's a book. But really, it was so completely unrealistic.
*end spoiler*

She likes this guy, but she can't like him because he's her best friend, so then she likes this other guy so she doesn't like the one guy. It's just ridiculous. Is this how teenage girls really are?

Anyway, the whole book she was clueless, it was unrealistic, and I really thought I would enjoy this one.

I really didn't.

Would I read the rest of the series/more from this author?
The rest of the series? No. Another book? Probably. This one looks good.

We Were Mothers

Not at all what I thought it would be, super disappointing. 

“Don’t use what you know how to do to hurt people.
Because once you know this stuff, you have responsibility.” 
― Katie Sise, The Boyfriend App

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Katie Sise is an author, jewelry designer, and television host. Lucky magazine has called her a "Designer to Watch," and her company has appeared in most major fashion magazines, including Vogue, W, Elle, Self, and many more. Katie is the author of The Academy, The Pretty App, The Boyfriend App and Creative Girl: The Ultimate Guide for Turning Talent and Creativity into a Real Career.


  1. I love the premise, but lordy she sounds clueless! Great review. Way to go for working on the backlist!

  2. Teenage girls are clueless. lol This sounds like a fun read.

  3. Sorry to hear this wasn't a better read for you. I think she would have annoyed me too, lol. The cover is super cute though.

  4. Oh I love the sound of this! I don't like the cover all that much, looks a bit dated, but otherwise the plot does sound interesting and the characters as well. Too bad about the main character though! Clueless/ditzy girls annoy me a lot... But we'll see, maybe she's bearable hahaha
    I'm sorry to hear the audiobook might not have worked too well here. Sometimes I really need to read print in order to understand the story. Otherwise it can get confusing pretty easily.
    Brilliant review, Ash! <3


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