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Review: Shades of Pink by Gina LaManna

Shades of Pink (Lola Pink Mysteries #1)Title: Shades of Pink
Author:  Gina Lamanna
Publisher: Indedantly Published 
Publishing Date:  March 27th, 2017
Pages: 324
Genre: Adult Cozy Mystery
Series:  Lola Pink Mysteries
Source:  Audio

One awkward billionaire.
One failed psychic.
A tale as old as time...

Lola Pink
He schedules everything. And I mean everything.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I took this job. I thought it would be simple—pretend to be Mr. Dane Clark’s personal assistant, find the missing blueprints, and get out of the Clark Castle for good. But, somehow this socially awkward, tech-genius billionaire has wormed his way into my heart.
And even if we survive this mess, I’m not sure I want to leave.

Dane Clark
How do I put this?
So very pink. Bright and sunny and peppy. I mean, she has at least one hundred and four pairs of sunglasses. Why? I’ve never seen a woman wear so many sunglasses before: red, pink, blue, green, glitter-encrusted. I don’t understand it.
As for her organizational skills? Abysmal. Her attention to detail? Non-existent. Her ability to frustrate me to no end? Spot on. I never should have hired her. Lola Pink does not fit into my schedule.
Nevertheless, she whirled into my life anyway; and she changed everything. Now I’m stuck trying to keep my company afloat and the two of us alive, while Lola turns my life all shades of pink.

I found this book on audible... I have to admit I really bought the book because of the title. The synopsis doesn't say much. But its pink, it has sunglasses and a cool title and it's a cozy mystery. SO check on all things. I didn't know what a surprise I was in for. I think this is one of my favorite reads this year... and my favorite cozy mystery. I can't wait to read the next one. This book was so fun, it was humours, it was sweet, it was exciting. I loved it all, from the characters to the story to the romance. It was so good! 

Lola pink just lost her grandmother, the psychic, the one who raised her. Her grandmother left her the psychic shop and Lola wants to turn it into a sunglasses hut/ coffee house. The issue... it's pretty much shambles and Lola doesn't have the money to pay for the shop to be fixed up. 

This is when Dane enters. He is rich, he is awkward, he is in search of someone who can find something that has been stolen. He offers a huge amount of money to Lola to help him find what is missing... he thinks she is psychic and every everyone else has turned him down. 

Now we have a rotten employee or friend who stole something important, a big house that has the strangest rules and regulations, a tech guru billionaire that has too much money and no social tact, and a crazy carefree pretend psychic.... so this equals to a mystery and a romance. 

With most cozy mysteries.... what makes it great are the characters, the relationships, the banter, and the big personalities. This book really had all of this to perfection. I am amazed by how much I enjoyed this read. I LOVED IT and I want to gush about it all day long. 

My favorite thing about this read has to be Dane. He is so socially awkward, so straight forward, so strange, and so sweet.... oh and so good looking. He says what comes to mind and he asks the hard questions. He doesn't do it to be cruel or because he thinks he is better than anyone else. He just doesn't understand why he can't. No social skills.... very smart though. He actually cares a lot for those in his inner circle and does what he can to take care of them. He doesn't always do it in the best ways but he thinks he is. 

Lola is a great character too. She can't hold a candle to Dane but she does hold her own. She is smart and full of sunshine. She does what she wants and she does what she thinks is right. She is very patient and curious which is why she is okay with her living situation and working situation with Dane. She is a spitfire and I did love her. 

The romance... ah the romance. So sweet. It was a slow build but was always apparent...the attraction anyways and the entire read I was so hoping they would end up together. 

The characters and the romance weren't the only good thing... it was a good mystery too. I mean I can admit it fell a little on the back burner to the romance. I wasn't always trying to figure it out but I was wondering many times how things would end up. It was good for being in the shadows of the real good stuff in the book. 

I really did enjoy this book. The humor was to die for. I found myself cracking up so many times. I have not loved a character like I love Dane in a very long time. This book and series... to the top of my list. 

Gotta have more right away. AMAZING! 

Gina LaManna
Originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, Gina LaManna has also called Italy and Los Angeles home. After studying numbers and equations in college, she realized multiple choice tests were “just not for her” and began writing books instead. She loves cappuccino foam and whipped cream and would subsist solely on sprinkles if possible. She currently lives in St. Paul with her wonderful husband and family.

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