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Alender, Katie
   The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall
   Famous Last Words
   Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer

Alpine, Rachel

Altebrando, Tara
   The Best Night of your (Pathetic) Life
   The Leaving
   The Opposite of Here

Anderson, R.J.

Applegate, Katherine
   Eve and Adam

Ardis, Priya
   My Boyfriend Merlin

Argyle, Michelle Davidson
   The Breakaway

Armentrout, Jennifer L. 

Armistead, Cal
   Being Henry David

Arnett, Mindee 
   The Nightmare Affair

   The Future of Us

Azeltine, P.B. 
   Monster Night


Bachmann, Stefan
   The Peculiar

Banks, Anna
   Of Poseidon

Barber, Lorin K.
   The Secret Life of Copernicus H. Stringfellow

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
    The Lovely and the Lost
    The Naturals

Bates, Marni
   Decked With Holly

Benway, Robin
   Also Known As 

Berry, Julie
   All The Truth That's In Me

Bick, Ilsa J.

Bjorkman, Lauren
   Miss Fortune Cookie
   My Invented Life

Black, Holly
   White Cat 
   Red Glove
   Black Heart
   Coldest Girl in Coldtown
   Doll Bones

Blundell, Judy
   Strings Attached

Bracken, Alexandra
   The Darkest Minds

Brashares, Ann
   The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
   The Second Summer of the Sisterhood
   Girls in Pants: The Third Summer of the Sisterhood
   Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood
   Sisterhood Everlasting

Bray, Libba
   The Diviners

Brennan, Sarah Rees
   Team Human

   Scarlett Dedd

Brody, Jessica
   The Karma Club

Brothwell, Joanne
    Stealing Breath

Brown, Anne Greenwood
   Lies Beneath

Butler, Bryna
   Of Sun & Moon

Byrne, John
   Alibi: The Complete Series 


Cameron, Chelsea M.

Carey, Anna

Carriger, Gail

Carson, Rae
   Girl of Fire and Thorns

   Heist Society 
   Uncommon Criminals

Casey, Elle

Cates, Georgia
   Going Under

Caveney, Philip
   Prince of Fools

Chapman, Elsie

Chase, Nichole

Cherry, Alison

Clare, Cassandra
   City of Bones

Clarke, Cat

Clarke, Cassandra Rose
   The Assassin's Curse

Clayton, Colleen
   What Happens Next

Cline, Ernest
   Ready Player One 

Cody, Matthew

Condie, Ally 

Coletti, Aubrey

Coley, Liz
   Pretty Girl-13

Colfer, Eoin
   The Supernaturlist

Collins, A.L.

Cooper, Jill
   Glistening Haven

Crane, Caprice
   Confessions of a Hater

Crane, Julia
   Dark Promise

Crane, Shelley

Cremer, Andrea

Cross, Julie 

Cross, Sarah
   Kill Me Softly


Crowley, Cath
   Graffiti Moon

Culwell, Lori
   The Dirt

Cypress, Leah
   Death Sworn


Dane, Jordan
   Indigo Awakening
Davidson, Mary Janice
   Undead and Unwed
Day, Kristen
Deebs, Tracy
   Tempest Rising
Deluca, Laura
DeJesus, Liz
   First Frost
Dellaira, Ava
   Love Letters to the Dead
Delsol, Wendy
   The Body Finder
   The Pledge
Despain, Bree
   The Dark Divine
   The Lost Saint
DeStefano, Lauren
   Perfect Ruin
Dionne, Erin
   The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet
Dodd, Jillian
   Stalk Me
Dorsey, C.S.
   The Unsacred Gift
Drewry, M.E. 
   Monster Night
Duffy, Shannon


Eckersley, Isabel
   Alibi: The Complete Series
Ellison, Kate
   The Butterfly Clues
Evangelista, Kate
   Reaping Me Softly


Falls, Kat
   Dark Life
Ferguson, Alane
   The Christopher Killer
Fisher, Rachel E. 
   Eden's Root
Flanagan, John
   Ruins of Gorlan
Fletcher, M.J.
   The Doorknob Society
Fonseca, Christine
Fredericks, Mariah
   The Girl in the Park
Fukuda, Andrew
   The Hunt
Fuma, Elizabeth
   Monstrous Beauty


Garcia, Rose
   Final Life
George, Jessica Day 
   Princess of the Midnight Ball  
   Princess of Glass   
   Princess of the Silver Woods 
Gleason, Colleen
   Clockwork Scarab
Golding, Julia
Gow, Kailin
   Fire Dance
Grahame-Smith, Seth
   Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Granger, Shauna
Grant, Michael
   Eve and Adam
Green, Jacqueline
   Truth or Dare
Green, John
   An Abundance of Katherines
   Looking For Alaska
   The Fault in our Stars
Green, Risa
Green, Sally
   Half Bad
Greenwood, Arin
   Save The Enemy


Haas, Abigail
   Dangerous Girls
Habel, Lia
   Dearly, Departed 
Hahn, Chanda
   Of Beast and Beauty
Haines, Kathryn Miller
   The Girl is Murder
Halbrook, Kristin
   Nobody but Us
Han, Jenny
   Burn For Burn
   The Summer I Turned Pretty 
Hand, Cynthia 
Hansen, Michelle A.
   Painted Blind
Harrington, Kim
   The Dead and Buried
Harrison, Lisi
   Monster High
Hartman, Rachel
Hashimoto, Meika
   Scaredy Monster 
Haston, Meg
   How to Rock Braces and Glasses
Hellison, Cat
   When The Sea is Rising Red
Henderson, Lauren
   Flirting in Italian
Henry, April
   The Body in the Woods 
Herbach, Geoff
   Fat Boys Vs. The Cheerleaders
Hiaasen, Carl 
Hiatt, C.R.
   Gone at Zero Hundred 00:00
Higgens, Wendy
   Sweet Evil
Highley, Kendra C.
   Matt Archer: Monster Hunter
Hilton, K.C.
   My Name is Rapunzel
Hodge, Rosamund
   Cruel Beauty 
Honeyman, Kay
   The Fire Horse Girl
Houck, Colleen

   Tiger's Curse
Howard, Amelie
Hurley, Tonya
Hunter, Rachel
   Empyreal Fate
Huss, J.A.


Ireland, Justine
   Vengeance Bound
Ivy, Alyssa Rose


Jacobs, Chloe
   Greta and the Goblin King
Jager, Talia
   Dark Promise
Jarzab, Anna
Jay, Stacey
   Of Beast and Beauty
Jayne, Hannah
   See Jane Run
Jenkins, J.F.
Jinks, Catherine
   Evil Genius
   The Name of the Star
Jones, Carrie
Jordan, Sophie
Kade, Stacey
   The Ghost and the Goth
Kate, Lauren
Kenyon, Sherrilyn
Kirby, Jessi
   In Honor
Kittredge, Caitlin
   Iron Thorn
Klavan, Andrew
   The Last Thing I Remember
   The Long Way Home 
Knowles, Jo
   See You at Harry's
Kontis, Alethea
Krovatin, Chistopher
   Gravediggers: Mountian of Bones

LaBan, Elizabeth 
   The Tragedy Paper
Lake, Nick
   Hostage Three
Larbalestier, Justine
   Team Human
Larkin, Jillian
Leavitt, Lindsey
   Going Vintage
Leigh, Trish
   Whispers in Autumn
Leighton, M. 
   Madly and Wolfhardt
Lesh, Margaret
Lidell, Alex
   The Cadet of Tildor
Littlefield, Sophie
   Hanging by a Thread
Locke, Kate
   God Save the Queen 
Loesch, Mary Ann
   Bayou Myth
Lyga, Barry
   I Hunt Killers
Lynne, Patricia


Maberry, Jonathan
   Rot & Ruin
Maciel, Amanda
Mackler, Carolyn
   The Future of Us  
Madonia, Kristen-Paige
   Fingerprints of You
Malerman, Josh
     Bird Box
Mancusi, Mari
   Boys that Bite
   Stake That
Marchetta, Melina
   Finnikin of the Rock
   Froi of the Exiles  
Marion, Isaac
   Warm Bodies
Marr, Melissa
   Carnival of Souls
Marsden, John
   Tomorrow When The War Began 
McClellan, Rachel
   Fractured Light
McEntire, Myra
McGinnis, Mindy
   Not a Drop to Drink
McKay, Emily
   The Farm
McKay, Kristy
McNamara, Amy
   Lovely, Dark, and Deep
McNeil, Gretchen
McQuein, Josin L.
Mead, Richelle
   Vampire Academy
Meyer, Marissa 
Michaels, Emma
Miles, Annie
   Alibi: The Complete Series
Mitchell, Barton
   Midnight City
Mlynowski, Sarah
   Bras & Broomsticks
   Frogs & French Kisses
Moore, Kelly 
   The Amber House
Moore, Tucker
   The Amber House
Morgan, Monique 
Morgan, Page
   The Beautiful and the Cursed
Mullin, Mike 
   Ashen Winter 
Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
   Dairy Queen
Murdock, Emily
   If You Find Me


Neal, Bethany 
   My Last Kiss
Nielsen, Jennifer A.
   The False Prince
   The Runaway King
Nieto, Ron C.
   Silent Song


Oates, Carol
Oliver, Kate
Oliver, Lauren
Oliver, Tess
   Heart of the Huntress
Ormond, Kate
   Dark Days


Park, Jessica
   Flat-Out Love
Parker, Amy Christine
Patrick, Cat
   Just Like Fate   
Patterson, James
   The Angel Experiment
   School's Out Forever
   Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports
Paul, Fiona
Paulson, Bonnie R.
   Barely Alive
Paz, Diana
Pearce, Jackson
   Sisters Red
Pearl, Melissa
Perkins, Stephanie
   Anna and the French Kiss
Petrucha, Stefan
Pike, Aprilynn 
   Life After Theft 
Plum, Amy
   Die For Me
   Until I Die
Polito, Frank Anthony
   Lost in the '90s
Provola, Sorrell 
   Alibi: The Complete Series


Quinn, Kate Karyus
  (Don't you) Forget About Me


Rainfeild, Cheryl
Reed, Larkin
   The Amber House
Revis, Beth
   Across the Universe
   A Million Suns 
Riad, Kelly
   Return to Arèthane 
Richards, Elizabeth 
   Black City
Richards, Natalie
   Six Months Later
Richie, Christie L.
Richter, William
   Dark Eyes 
Riordan, Rick
   The Lightning Thief
   Sea of Monsters
Robert, Cecelia
   The Reaper's Novice
Roberts, Jeyn
   Dark Inside
Rooks, Jo
   Hector's Favorite Place
Ross, Stewart
   Twisted Fairytales: The Three Little Narwhals
Rosoff, Meg
   Picture Me Gone
Rowan, Michelle
Rowe, Stephanie
   Putting Boys on the Ledge
Rowell, Rainbow
   Eleanor & Park (Jenn Review/Ash Review)
Rule, Adi
   Strange Sweet Song
Rush, Jennifer
Ryan, Jeanne


Salerni, Dianne K.
   The Eighth Day 
Schneider, Robyn
   The Beginning of Everything
Schroeder, Lisa
   I Heart You, You Haunt Me
Scott, Michael
   The Alchemyst 
   The Magician 
Scott, Victoria
   Fire & Flood
Sepetys, Ruta
   Between Shades of Gray
Shan, Darren
Shepherd, Megan
   The Madman's Daughter
   Her Dark Curiosity 
Sheridan, Kellie
Showalter, Gena
   Alice in Zombieland
Shreffler, T.L. 
   Sora's Quest
   Viper's Creed
Semple, Marie
   Where'd You Go Bernadette
Silver, Eve
Simmons, Kristen
   Article 5
Sims, C.Bailey
Singleton, Linda Joy
   Don't Die Dragonfly
Skovron, Jon
   Man Made Boy
Smith, Hilary T
   Wild Awake
Smith, Jennifer E. 
   The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Smith-Ready, Jeri
Spotswood, Jessica
   Star Cursed
Stanley, Brenda
   The Color of Snow
Stewart, Barbara
   The In-Between
Stiefvater, Maggie
   The Raven Boys
   The Scorpio Races
   The Jelly Bean Crisis
Straight, Nancy
   Blood Debt
Strauss, Elle
Sturman, Jennifer  
   And Then Everything Unraveled
Summers, Courtney
   This Is Not A Test
Suma, Nova Ren
   17 & Gone
Sun, Amanda


Talbert-Moore, Leight
Talkington, Amy
   Liv, Forever
Taylor, Keary
   What I Didn't Say
Taylor, Laini
   Daughter of Smoke and Bone
Terrill, Cristin
   All Our Yesterdays
Thomas, Lex
Thomas, Stephanie
Thompson, Karri
   Amateur Angel
Tregay, Sarah
   Love and Leftovers
Triana, Gabby
   Summer of Yesterday
Trout, Jenny

   Such Sweet Sorrow
Truitt, Tiffany
   The Chosen Ones
Tucker, K.A.


Valentino, Serena
   Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen
Van Draanen, Wenderlin
   The Running Dream
Vernon, Magan
   How to Date an Alien
Vernon, Ursula
Vincent, Rachel
Vivian, Siobhan 
   Burn For Burn


Walker, Melissa C. 
   Unbreak My Heart
Walkup, Jennifer
   Second Verse
Waller, Sharon Biggs
   A Mad Wicked Folly
Walls, Devri
   Wings of Arian
Wardell, Jenniffer
   Fairy Godmothers Inc. 
Wells, Robison
West, Melissa
Westerfeld, Scott
White, Kiersten
   Mind Games
Winship, Thomas
   Vaempires: A White Christmas
   Vaempires: Revolution
   Vaempires: Zombie Rising
Wolfe, Trisha
   Destiny's Fire


Young, Suzanne
   Just Like Fate
Yovanoff, Brenna
   Paper Valentine

Zevin, Gabrielle
   All These Things I've Done
   Sass and Serendipity

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