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Review: Scorched by Mari Mancusi

Scorched (Scorched, #1)Title: Scorched
Author: Mari Mancusi
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Fire
Publishing Date: September 3rd 2013
Pages: 352
Genre:  YA Modern Fantasy
Series: Scorched #1
Source: ARC 


Don’t leave me here... It starts with a whisper. At first Trinity thinks she’s going crazy. It wouldn’t be a big surprise—her grandpa firmly believes there’s a genuine dragon egg in their dusty little West Texas town. But this voice is real, and it’s begging for her protection. Even if no one else can hear it...

He’s come from a future scorched by dragonfire. His mission: Find the girl. Destroy the egg. Save the world.

He’s everything his twin brother Connor hates: cocky, undisciplined, and obsessed with saving dragons.

Trinity has no idea which brother to believe. All she has to go by is the voice in her head—a dragon that won’t be tamed.

I am a huge fan of Mari Mancusi’s Blood Coven and I was thrilled to see a new series coming out. Dragons. Sounds like something up to speed for me. I love everything mythical and fantastical. Super excited to get the book I dove into as soon as I could. It was a great story. I loved the concept, the dragons, the time traveling and different dimensions, and I loved the setting. I didn’t quite get what I was expecting out of the book. The character building was a bit off for me and I think the book was a bit rushed, but I still enjoyed the read.

In the near future Trinity lives in an almost peaceful world. She has lived through some hard times and she is working hard to keep things together for her and her grandfather. That is until her grandfather spends all his money on a supposed dragon egg found in the ice. Trinity quickly finds herself hearing voices, believing in dragons, discovering new dimensions, and fighting for her life with twin brothers from the future. The future the brothers come from is a world where dragons rule and humans are just trying to survive. They have come to Trinity’s world to save their future world. Trinity has the last dragon egg and in Conner and Caleb’s future, this one egg led to the world’s destruction. Now Conner wants to destroy the egg and Caleb wants to save the egg. Trinity must make a decision that will either save the world or destroy the world.

Its hard for me to review this book. The good stuff… the story was amazing. I thought it was well thought out and very creative. I loved the different aspects of fantasy and sci-fi that was thrown into the story and mesh together to create a very wonderful world. The story had dragons, time traveling, and new dimensions. So awesome. The idea of saving the world or destroying the world lies within a single egg was well done. I could very well see both sides and found it hard to choose myself. Oh and who doesn’t love dragons. I know I love dragons, and they were well done in this book. The way they exist, thought, and interacted was just right. Loved the story. I did enjoy the writing too. Mari Mancusi has a way of writing that I just get. I love her sense of humor and the stories that she weaves. They are just fun. The writing was fun too. I love Mari's writing style, the humor and the simplicity that is filled with complexity.

The not so good stuff...The pacing I felt was a bit off. I felt the story was rushed and I would have loved deeper explanations and descriptions. I am not one who usually asks for more explaining and more descriptions but I think this world needed a bit more building. I can say I was not bored, just left wanting a bit more. The character building was a bit off for me too. I love to really know my characters, feel them, hear them in my head. I love to be attached to my fiction friends. I didn’t feel quite the attachment I like in this book. I liked all the characters. I felt they were realistic and all of them made good and bad decisions. I liked Trinity, her grandfather, and both brothers, but I didn’t miss them when I closed the book. I need to miss my characters. I am hoping I get to know them better in the second book.

Trinity was a pretty cool character. She had a big heart but closed herself off a bit because of her circumstances. She did cherish her grandfather and I loved that. Her grandfather was all she had and she did her best to make their life run smoothly… of course it never did. Trinity’s grandfather was bit of a crazy man. I think I liked him the best. He was that old coot that believed just about anything and was lost in real world. The brothers were good characters too. Conner the brother that seemed to be a bit more level headed and then there was Caleb who was the bad boy with a heart of gold. The worked well together.

There wasn’t a bunch of romance in the book, but there was a budding romance. There could be a potential for a love triangle but I am not sure if it will lead into one or not. I hope not. There does seem to be a for sure romance between Trinity and one of the brothers, and not so much the other… but the potential is there. I didn’t feel the romance was rushed which to me was a real breath of fresh air. It just started towards the end of the book and stayed in the very beginning stages of maybe.. maybe not. I am hoping for one romance and one best friend scenario….we shall see.

The book did end on a sort of cliff hanger. There was a bit of resolution at the end but for sure not the end of the story. Mari Mancusi is awesome with her endings and she worked her magic on this ending. I was left with an “oh now need the book” thought and of course I look forward to the next book release. Hopefully it will be sooner and not so much later… even though this book just came out.

Not quite what I expected but I enjoyed it and I will definitely be picking up the next book when it comes out.

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