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Blog Tour: Caterpillar by Kate Oliver

Title: Caterpillar
Author: Kate Oliver
Publisher: MAB Books
Publishing Date: April 10th 2012
Pages: 338\
Genre: YA Sci/Fi
Series: The Metamorphosis Trilogy #1
Source: Kindle

Goodreads Summary:

In a small college town in northern California, a lonely young man is working himself to the bone to solve a sixty-year-old problem ... a stranger with a will of iron and eyes the color of ice is searching for someone he can't identify ... and a girl who loves plants is about to grow roots of her own.

When Cara Gallagher's parents are transferred overseas again, she's off to spend her senior year of high school living with her sister, a graduate student at the famed McNair University. Cara, a girl with a passion for science and an indifference to people, hopes this move will be her first step in claiming the independence she craves. Cara has her future planned down to the letter: her college, her major, her career.

Then she saves Will Mallory's life, and both of their futures are completely rewritten.

The last years of Will's life have been spent shifting from one identity to the next, dodging the FBI, and trying desperately to find a way home. But Will's home is forty-four light years away, and to reach it he'll have to outwit the man who's hunting him--and leave behind the only love he's ever known.


I wanted to read this book after seeing the cover and reading the summary. The cover is beautiful and the summary sounded mysterious. I wanted to give it a try and I was blown away. 

I want to start this review by saying that the story was beautiful and the writing was amazing. It has been a very long time since I had a book make me smile, cry, laugh, and feel the way this one did. I could not put it down from the moment I picked it up. It's a love story between a girl and a boy. New town, new school, new faces for the girl and a lonely life for the boy. The two meet.  The way they meet really sets the tone for the story and says so much about both characters. I love that when they meet, it's the girl saving the boy not the other way around. 

The characters just took over my mind, heart, and soul. I fell in love with them from the start. Cara is a bit of a loner, she has been moved around her entire life and she has found it easier not to get close to anyone. The only person Cara has ever been close to was her sister, a sister who is 5 years older and eventually left her on her own. Now that she is a senior, Cara's life is starting a new chapter. She is given the choice to live with her sister instead of traveling with her parents. Cara's first full day in the new city she runs into Will. A lonely and very cute boy. 

Will owns my heart. Will is different and a little strange at first. He is drawn to Cara right away. She saved him, she cared about his well being, she took the time to see he needed help. Will enters Cara life and changes it drastically. Cara's life will never be the same. Cara entered Will's life and gave it purpose, gave him a friend and love, and gave him hope. 

 Will loves Cara's heart, I love Will's heart. They are both very caring people and the chemistry between the two is amazing. I can't remember the last time I felt so much chemistry in words. I found myself getting chills often and yearning to be apart of Cara and Will's world. I found myself thinking about this book when I couldn't read it and I am still thinking about it long after I have finished. 

When I finished the last page of this book I could not stop smiling, yet I wanted to cry. I have to wait a while before I can enter this world again. I will be raving about this book for a while and anticipating the next book in the series. 


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