Friday, June 29, 2012

Review: Frogs & French Kisses by Sarah Mylnowski

Frogs & French Kisses (Magic in Manhattan, #2)Title: Frogs & French Kisses 
Author: Sarah Mlynowski
Publisher: Random House Children’s Books
Publishing Date: June 13th 2006
Pages: 288
Genre: Young Adult Supernatural
Series: Magic in Manhattan #2
Source: Hardcover

Goodreads Summary:

Rachel has finally come to terms with the outrageously unfair fact that her younger sister, Miri, has inherited magical powers from their mom. But now the whole witchcraft thing is spiraling out of control. Mom is a magicaholic, Miri’s on a Save the World kick, and the one teeny tiny love spell that Rachel begged for has gone embarrassingly, horribly wrong.

Suddenly, the fate of everything is in Rachel’s hands.

Her family.

The world.

Senior prom.


I didn’t think the series could get better but it does. This book held more laughs for me.

Now that their mother has found out the truth about the magic Miri has been dealing, with the help from Rachel of course) she decides to allow magic in the household and even allows herself to start to use some magic. Miri is trying to save the world, Rachel is trying to save her reputation, and their mother is trying to save her dating life. Sound like a mess? Well it is. It all gets out of hand and Rachel is feeling more alone than ever.

I really like Rachel in this book. After being left to fend for herself and Miri, Rachel is forced to grow up just a little. Rachel’s mom has gone on a magic binge and has a full calendar of dates. She is rarely home leaving Rachel and Miri to figure things out on their own. What they figure out is maybe magic isn’t what it's supposed to be.

Miri also gets out of hand a little in the book with trying to save the world, which leaves Rachel without any help in trying to fix or get past everything that happened last year. Miri has a lot to learn about magic which is causing her spells to have minor and sometimes major glitches.

With her mom and her sister out of control, Rachel is left with saving her everyone and saving the prom (which she and Miri basically ruined before it even started.) Oh yea and let’s not forget her love for Rafe. Rachel and Miri do a little love spell but on the wrong guy. Life can’t get any worse for Rachel.

With all the magic mishaps, family drama, and mixed feelings this book kept me laughing all the way through. This is such a good series for those light and fluffy read moods.


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