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Review: The Long Way Home by Andrew Klavan

The Long Way Home (The Homelanders #2)Title: The Long Way Home
Author: Andrew Klavan
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers
Publishing Date: February 2nd 2010
Pages: 345
Genre: Young Adult Suspense/Thriller
Series: The Homelanders
Source: Hardcover

Goodreads Summary: 

Charlie West went to bed one night an ordinary high school student, but when he woke up, he was a hunted man. Terrorists are trying to kill him. The police want to arrest him for the death of his best friend. With his pursuers closing in on every side, Charlie makes his way back to his hometown to find some answers.


The continuation of The Last Thing I Remember is just as thrilling as the first.

The story continues and now Charlie West is running with a little more information but just as much confusion. Charlie now knows the crime he was committed for and what day it is, but there still many holes in his past. Where are his parents, how did the girl of his dreams become his girl, how was he found guilty in a crime he is sure he didn’t do, and who are the goons tying to kill him. Charlie decides the best way to get answers is to go back to the beginning of this mess. He heads home.

This book gives only a few answers. We now know who is chasing him, but we are not really sure why. We know that there was evidence stacked up against him that made it hard for a jury to find him innocent. We know the story between him and his girlfriend. We also find out a more about the people from his past including his friends, his teachers, and his karate instructor.

Charlie is still a great character in my mind. I love his commitment and his moral compass. He doesn’t give up and tries to do things the right way. The only problem Charlie struggles with is that running from the cops is the right thing but also may be the wrong thing. We do get to meet his friends in this book. I really liked all of them. I like that they stick by him, they know him well enough to believe he never killed Alex. They will do what they can to help him out. This leads them straight to danger.

Charlie does what he can to keep his friends out of it, but they insist on helping and land themselves right in the middle of a very dangerous game. Charlie now has to worry about getting himself out of a sticky situation while saving the life of another.

The first part of the story was a little slower than the first book but when it picked up it really picked up and I couldn’t get the pages read fast enough. I am looking forward to getting to the last two books to see how it all ends.



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