Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Wee Reads: I Am a Tyrannosaurus by Tatsuya Miyanishi

Ever since Finn was born, and even before then, we would read to him. We wanted to show him reading from an early age. Now he loves us to read the same books, over, and over, and over. But it is the sweetest thing, when he likes to pick out a book and climb into our laps. 

I Am a TyrannosaurusI Am a Tyrannosaurus by Tatsuya Miyanishi


A little Pterosaur lives on top of a rocky mountain, where his mother teaches him to be kind and to always help others in need. One day, a huge Tyrannosaurus falls down the mountain and is injured as he tries to catch the little Pterosaur. Remembering his mother’s lesson, the little Pterosaur decides to take care of the injured Tyrannosaurus. As a result of his fall, the Tyrannosaurus temporarily loses his sight, and asks, “Who is there?” The Pterosaur hides and answers, “I am a Tyrannosaurus.” The fifth title in this acclaimed Tyrannosaurus series, I Am a Tyrannosaurus, delivers a heartwarming story about being kind and helping others with vivid, brightly colored illustrations and endearingly drawn characters.

Do you like this book?
Yeah! Because I really love dinosaurs! And pteranodons and T-rexes are my favorites! 

What's your favorite part of the book?
When the pteranodon helped the t-rex! And then he learned how to fly so fast!

What do you think of the cover?
It has dinosaurs! I love dinosaurs!

Do you want me to read it again?
I want the real book!

This was an odd book. It was hard to read on the kindle because of the formatting. 

This is a great story about a tyrannosaurus who gets hurt in an avalanche, caused by a volcano errupting, and a pteranodon is there and debates of if he should help the very hurt T-rex or just leave him. He thinks he should just leave him because he knows they can be very mean. But he remembers that he should always help someone else who is in trouble. 

So for a few days the pteranodon took care of the t-rex, then one day he came back to find that the t-rex was awake. He got scared and flew away. The t-rex then said that he knew he was a pteranodon the whole time and he wanted to thank him.

All in all it's a good story about taking care of someone, even if you think they're awful. And also about not assuming that everyone who has the potential to be awful, is. 

I don't care much for the artwork, and like I said, it was hard to read on the kindle because the formatting was all off.

But it was still a really good book.

We received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Born in 1956, Tatsuya Miyanishi graduated from the Nihon University College of Art and was a doll artist and graphic designer before becoming a picture-book author. Miyanishi's books have a passionate fan base of all ages that enjoys his range of endearing characters in many genres, from superheroes to dinosaurs, all illustrated with bright colors. He has won the Kodansha Cultural Award for Picture Books, as well as the Kenbuchi Picture Book Grand Prize.

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  1. The pages are very brown aren't they? We don't read any of the children's book on tablets, readers etc. The formatting is usually awful. I do like the story and message.


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