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Review: Bed and Breakfast and Murder by Patti Larsen

Bed and Breakfast and Murder (Fiona Fleming #1)Title: Bed and Breakfast and Murder
Author:  Patti Larsen
Publisher: January 28th, 2017
Publishing Date:  Mayhem and Murder Ink
Pages: 346
Genre: Adult Cozy Mystery
Series:  Fiona Flemming
Source:  346

A Poo Poo Kind of Morning

I tried not to look down the mouth of hell staring back at me from inside the glaringly pristine outer ceramic shell of the white throne, my throat catching, stomach doing half flips and a rather impressive rollover routine that would have gotten at least a 9.5 even from the Russian judges. Instead, I forced myself to smile and swallow and remind myself the elbow length yellow rubber gloves grasping the handle of the standard issue plunger were all that stood between me and Pooageddon.
Suck it up, Fee. Big girl panties and adulting and all that.
"At what point," I waved the dripping plunger, wincing as droplets of yuck flew, "did I think owning a bed and breakfast was going to be glamorous and romantic?"
Fiona Fleming hasn't lived in Reading, Vermont in over a decade, her escape from small town living leading her to New York City and a life of adventure. An adventure that has left her with no career, an ex who cheated on her and zero plans for the future. Her grandmother's death grants her a new chance--inheriting Petunia's, Iris Fleming's bed and breakfast, seems like the ideal fresh start. But when Fee finds out ownership of the property Iris willed her might be in question, she's drawn into the seedy underbelly of the cutest town in America after being singled out as the main suspect in a murder.

This book I discovered on Amazon going through kindle deals of the day. I was excited to find another cozy mystery. I am always on the lookout for cozy mysteries that don't already have 500 books in the series. This one was a pretty good read.  It was cute and the main character was pretty funny. Most of the characters were pretty unique and funny. I think the only thing that could have really made it better was some kind of romance of any kind. It was missing.... but I think there was a build up for maybe the next book. 

Fiona moves back to her hometown. Her grandmother has passed and left Fiona her bed and breakfast. Fiona wants to be true to her grandmother and run this place as she did. Although this becomes difficult when there ware some employees that aren't happy she is running things, her ex-best friend always hanging about, and oh the dead body found floating on the grounds. 

It all started when Fiona found out the bed and breakfast may not be hers after all. The man threatening to take it shows Fiona a contract that gives him the property. Well, the next day he is found dead, floating in the pond. Now Fiona is a suspect, along with her father. Fiona of course decides to investigate. She knows she didn't kill the man... she just wishes that she was just as sure about her father. What she finds is blackmail, gambling, illegal drug selling, con artists. Her little safe town is just full of bad people. 

This was a very fun read. I loved the main character. She was so sassy and so much attitude. My kind of a main character. She did seem a little down in the dumps at times. I mean she had a lot going on but she had quite a few witty remarks that I enjoyed. I really enjoyed the story had a dog too. I see that some people didn't like the dog and the fact that the dog farted a lot and it was just mentioned a lot. This didn't seem to bother me. I really didn't mind all the tacky kind of humor in this book. 

I liked the supporting characters too. Did they have a lot of layers? No. Were they well developed?  No. But really I find this sometimes the way it is in cozy mysteries. They are short and quick reads. I did like the kookiness of the town and all the characters in the town. They did each have their place and I hope to get to know them more once I read the next book. 

The mystery was pretty good. It was predictable. Another thing I find in cozy mysteries. It's hard to find one that surprises me. I read them more for the simplicity and the humor in cozy mysteries. This one was really predictable. I found I discovered the twist way before it was ever revealed. I didn't mind though. Sometimes it's nice to go "AHA! I KNEW IT!"

What I needed more of were character relationships. I live for banter and fun conversations between characters. I would have liked to see Fiona with some personal relationships. I know she is new to this town but she moved back to this town so she should have some relationships from before. She felt so alone. I didn't like this. I love a main character with a best friend or sister or someone she is really really close too. I would have loved some romance too. There really wasn't any. I think there is a lead up to something for the future. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of this. 

I did like the read. It was simple and quick and just fun. I look forward to the next book. 

It was fun. I liked it. 

Patti Larsen

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