Thursday, June 14, 2018

Answer Me This: Let's Discuss Summer!

Answer Me This. We are hoping this will help our friends get to know us a just a tad bit better. 

Let's discuss Summer!

I like the feels of freedom of the summer, and the summer activities, but I hate the heat. 
This summer I plan on spending a lot of time on my beautiful back patio grillin, chillin, and relaxin. 
Spending time at the pool.

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And of course gettin my read on.
Hopefully gettin my read on happens in the backyard and at the pool! 
I'm hoping to get to a lot of good summer reads. 

Nothing real special planned, because we don't have the time, but hoping we get to spend a lot of time doing fun activities with the grandchild. And just enjoying family time all together. 

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We also just got a pool for the dogs and a sprinkler for Finn to play in.

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My favorite thing about summer is swimming and grilling. My son in law makes some of the best burgers on the grill. I love watermelon, peaches, snowcones, popsicles, hot dogs and of course hamburgers.

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There's a place where we live that makes the best shaved ice. We plan on spending a lot of time there.

And I'm also really looking forward to 4th of July. Every year we join some family friends at their families house that is outside of city limits, and we shoot fireworks off and just have fun.

Summer used to be my favorite season when I was younger. Of course I was still in school so 3 months with no school? Awesome!

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Now it's just hot hot hot. 

That doesn't mean I don't still love summer, it's just not my favorite anymore.

My favorite things about Summer are of course swimming, and now we live in a neighborhood that has a pool and we're there at least every other day. I'm so looking forward to getting my tan on.

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We also got a new grill for John and my dad for father's day, so guess who's getting yummy grilled food weekly!? I am! And John makes the best burgers I swear. And ever had breakfast tacos on a grill? So so so good. 

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Other than that, I'm just looking forward to spending time with Finny and my family and eating snow cones and staying up late and having smores. It's still going to be awesome. 

So what about y'all? What are your favorite parts of Summer?


  1. I don't like the heat, either! Now that I'm an adult who doesn't get summers off, summer doesn't feel the same. We did get a grill this year, and so far my husband is loving it, so that's fun!

  2. I'm just looking forward to some days where I can sit and read without feeling guilty about other commitments. Not a fan of the heat, either, but there are ways to cool off at least :)


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