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Review: Ringer (Replica #2) by Lauren Oliver

Ringer (Replica, #2)Title:  Ringer 
Author:  Lauren Oliver
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publishing Date: October 3rd 2017
Pages: 528
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Series:  Replica #2
Source:  Aud

Like its ambitious companion novel, Replica, this far-reaching novel by powerhouse bestselling author Lauren Oliver digs deep into questions of how to be a human being in a world where humanity cannot be taken for granted.

In the world outside the Haven Institute, Lyra and Caelum are finding it hard to be human—and neither of them knows where they belong or who they can trust. When Caelum leaves without warning to pursue the dream of a place he belongs, Lyra follows him, convinced that together they will hunt down a cure for the illness that’s slowly consuming her mind. But what they uncover is a shocking connection to their past—even as their future seems in danger of collapsing.

After discovering the uncomfortable truth about her connection to the Haven Institute, Gemma struggles to return to her normal life. But when she learns that her controlling and powerful father has new plans for Lyra and Caelum, Gemma and her boyfriend, Pete, leave in the middle of the night to warn them of the danger they face.When an untimely accident derails them, they are mistaken for the escaped replicas and seized by strangers hired to capture them. The Haven Institute wasn’t destroyed after all, and now Gemma is the one behind the walls.

Lyra’s and Gemma’s stories can be read separately—with either story first—or in alternating chapters, but no matter which way you turn the book, the two distinct stories combine into one breathtaking experience for both heroines and readers alike.

I absolutely adored Replica and was so excited to get my hands on this book. What could possibly make this sequel better for me??  This audio is told in alternating chapters. Unlike the first one, which I had to alternate the chapters myself, I can just listen to this one straight through. I didn't hesitate to grab this book up on audible and read through it in about a day.  

In this sequel, Lyra's and Gemma's story continues. This time a  little rougher than the beginning of their story. Lyra and Caelum are on the run from evil orders to get rid of them and Gemma and Pete are captured due to mistaken identities because of the same evil orders. Along the way, Lrya gets sicker, more confused, and discovers more secrets and lies. Gemma learns how hard it is to live in the shoes of replicas. They both discover evil doesn't just exist in the world through Haven.  

I really enjoyed this read. I will say it was a tad bit slower than Replica in parts, but for most of the story, it was just as exciting and emotional as its predecessor. I really enjoyed the fact that in this part of the story, Lyra and Gemma's predicaments were almost swapped from the first book. They kind of get the see and feel the view from each other's world. Gemma has to live among some replicas and finds that the line between human and replica isn't all that clear but how they live separates them to the extremes. Lyra finds that the world outside isn't so different as the world inside Haven. Well, the worlds are different in looks but the freedoms, the humanity, the hardships.... although different are still so much the same. Each girl had to figure out where they stand and what is right and wrong. Which wasn't always easy for them to see clearly. 

What I find that I like about sci-fi is the fact that morals and humanity can be blurred so easily. What seems to be for the right reasons doesn't always means its right. When do we go too far for the good of science and how do we come back once we have crossed the line. This book had that for sure. It did have times for some deep thinking. It also had parts for pulling at my heartstrings. It wasn't quite emotional as I remember them from the first one... but it has been a while and maybe I was in a different mind frame for the first. It was emotional though and I did connect to the characters in every possible way. 

I am more a Lyra and Pete fan out of all the characters. Lyra is so innocent and naive. She is blind to what is in this world she is suddenly thrown into. Her entire life was altered after secrets being revealed at the beginning of her story. He heart has been altered because of her love for Caelum... which she is still totally out of sorts about. She doesn't quite understand the thoughts and feelings she is having./ I enjoyed going on this journey with her. 

Caelum I liked but he was always in Lyra's shadow for me. He never shined as bright. What I did love about him though was his love for Lyra. He just wanted to protect her and make her happy. He loved all of her, her beauty, her mind, her brokenness. 

Gemma was a very strong female character. I always knew she would do the right thing. She never hesitated to take action when some action was needed. I do feel she just needed to listen to her gut a little more. She doubted herself a little too much at times. What she didn't doubt was what was right an what was wrong in the world she lived in and the world her father was a part of. She also never doubted her love and adoration for Pete. Which brings me to Pete. 

Pete was always a ray of sunshine for me. I just love him. Always trying to make Gemma smile and always trying to stay positive. He knew what he wanted and what he wanted was Gemma. Even after her life-altering secrets were revealed. Pete was always right by Gemma's side, even in the face of danger. He never faltered. He also always looked for the best in people....even when the signs pointed to no. Even those this isn't always the best quality to have, it is a breath of fresh air. 

The story continued pretty much from the end of the first one and quickly dove into another set of problems for these four. Like I said in a few parts it was slow but for the most part, it was exciting and thrilling. I loved where the story took me and the characters. I did love the ending but I feel I need more and unfortunately, it is just a durlogy. It has a satisfying end, I just think there could be more and I wasn't ready to say good-bye. 

Great addition the story and I really enjoyed it. Original and thought-provoking. Emotional and thrilling. 

Lauren OliverLauren Oliver is the co-founder of media and content development company Glasstown Entertainment, where she serves as the president of production. She is also the New York Times bestselling author of the YA novels Replica, Vanishing Girls, Panic, and the Delirium trilogy: Delirium, Pandemonium, and Requiem, which have been translated into more than thirty languages. The film rights to both Replica and Lauren's bestselling first novel, Before I Fall, were acquired by AwesomenessTV; Before I Fall is now a major motion picture and opened in theaters March of 2017. The sequel to Replica, titled Ringer, is her most recent novel and was released October 3rd, 2017.Her novels for middle-grade readers include The Spindlers, Liesl & Po, and the Curiosity House series, co-written with H. C. Chester. She has written one novel for adults, Rooms.
A graduate of the University of Chicago and NYU's MFA program, Lauren Oliver divides her time between New York, Connecticut, and a variety of airport lounges. You can visit her online 

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