Thursday, February 15, 2018

Answer Me This: What Are Your Current Obsessions?

Answer Me This. We are hoping this will help our friends get to know us a just a tad bit better. 
A question will be asked and answers will be given by both Ash and Jenn. We hope you enjoy getting to know us outside of the bookshelves.

What are your current obsessions?


My current obsessions.. Where do I even start? I get obsessed so easily..

So let's make a list:  (she obessess over lists too)

Walking Dead: 

Will always be my obsession. I have watched this show from the beginning to whatever the current season is on netflix, about 20 times. And I'm all caught up on the show. I've also read most of the comics and can't wait to catch up on those. (she knows can quote every line from every episode I am sure) 

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Duh. (I am very thankful for this. She is killing the blogging let me tell you!)

Related image


Again, duh. (she discovered audio and now it's mom I am trying to listen to my book! She used to talk to me on the phone not anymore.)

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They are perfect and majestic animals that I strive to be like. (she is a unicorn! I keep telling her that she is magical and one of a kind) 
I have always been really into makeup, but I have recently become completely obsessed with it. There's nothing better than making my face like a work of art.  (really her obsession with makeup is crazy crazy crazy!!! I have come home to both of her arms full from wrist to shoulder with swatches. She even has Finn swatching)

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I'm sure there is a ton more things I'm obsessed with. But I think this is enough for now.
What about you Jenn?


My obsessions- They are quite a bit different than Ash's. I am not a make up person. Although unicors are nice and The Walking Dead rocks... I have different obsessions. (Walking Dead is the best thing ever, how dare you)

Home improvement shows : The list is long of my favorites- Fixer Upper, Bargain Mansions, Restored by the Fords, Property Brothers, Flip or Flop Nashville and Ft Worth, and Home Town. There is actually more but I watch these the most. (No, seriously, you guys. It's ridiculous how much she watches these shows)

Decorating my new house: I love my new house and I love decorating it. I want all the stuff. I mean all the stuff. I did get quite a bit done and I have something in all the rooms but there is still a lot of empty floor space and wall space. My latest venture was my gallery wall in my entry way. Its not finished but I did manage to get a lot done. The hardest part is I was doing piece by piece and only had a few things to start. So I didn't have it planned out and just started adding on where things looked good. I still want a couple more shelves and a couple more word art pieces. Here is a picture. (At least she's good at decorating *Shrug*)

Reading and Blogging: I feel like this is a given but I lost my desire for both for just a little while. My life was so hetic... but now it's settle somewhat and I am so fully into it and loving it once again!

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I have a horrible obession with coffee : Coffee cups, coffee ice cream, monster coffee, Starbucks coffee, kureg coffee.. as long as it has to do with coffee I love it and want it! (Oh my, that gif is highly accurate.. The amount of coffee she drinks.. it can't be healthy..)

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My last obessions-Boardgames: I love boardgames and boardgame nights and buying boardgames and searching for boardgames. I think  you get the idea. (I too enjoy board games, you should see our gaming closet...)

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