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Bookish Banter: Do you read reviews? What do you look for in reviews? Blog World Part 2

A little Bookish Banter to get us through.  Bookish Banter is a little bit of banter about our bookish thoughts as we have a friendly discussion over a nice cup of tea. 

Do you read book reviews? If so, what do you look for when reading them?


I don't really read reviews. Every once in a while I will, if it's on Goodreads and has really bad reviews, I'll read the reviews to see if it's worth reading. Otherwise that, I don't share opinions with people, quite often, so why listen to what they say anyway? I don't let that effect if I want to read it or not like I said unless they have bad reviews and I see why.

If I do happen to read reviews, like on people's blogs, I generally like to see what the writing/characters are like. I know, that's basically what all reviews are, but really I want to see if the characters are flat, or well written, and I also want to make sure that the writing is good, and not just... blah. That makes sense right?


I read reviews! I read reviews on almost every book when I decide to read it. Most of my reviews at first are from Goodreads. I do have friends and those that I follow. I find these people by blogs or shared stars for books on Goodreads. I know these people like many of the same type of books that I like. 

When I add books to my TBR I do not read reviews and at times I don't even read what it's about. I do sometimes take a quick glance at the average star rating and also if any of my friends or reviewers I follow have rated the book. Before I add a book on my list to read for the week or before I decided to purchase or borrow a book... then I will read the reviews. I usually read just my friends or people I follow reviews. If I start the book and can't decide if I think I will like it and should continue... I go back and read more review to see if the issues I am having were mentioned and if it gets better. 

I also read reviews on blogs. This is a little different than my Goodreads review reading. I read almost any book review on blogs I follow. I really like to read reviews on blogs for books I have already read. I like to see if our thoughts match or if they give me some other insight I may have missed the book. It also gives me something to comment about on the review. I also like to read reviews of books that have an interesting title or cover. This is because I would like to know how the title or cover fits but also I am always looking for new books to read. I also like to find reviews of books that aren't in my favorite genres. Like contemporary or romance or even adult reads. I need help finding these books to read. I am pickier and don't always know how to find good ones. 

I know which blogs and which reviews I trust. What I mean is those that like the same type of books and writing style. Those who are looking for the same level of entertainment. There are a lot of books out there and I don't want to waste my time with books I won't enjoy. Reviews help me with this. Now sometimes it fails me. There are some books that have multiple raving reviews and I just didn't care for the book or a book I am determined to read despite the reviews and I love the book. So it's not a fail-safe but I read and rely on reviews heavily. 

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What I look for in reviews..... I like detailed reviews... snarky or witty reviews... but detailed.  What is most important to me in books.... character development. I read books to feel, to make friends, and to live a life I cannot or never did. I need to believe the characters, I need to grow with them, I need to be sad when they are sad or obsessed when they are obsessed. Characters are the most important thing for me. So if there are multiple reviewers out there who are not connecting the characters... I need to know. 

Story and plot- I am not too picky on these. I love different spins on the same old stories. I mean really there are only so many ideas for fiction out there. So when there is a different spin I want to know. Other than that I am good. I don't care if there plot holes- unless the story just didn't make sense at all. I don't care if it's realistic- as long as I can believe in this particular world it can happen. 

Pacing- this one is a big one. I have ADD badly. I need to know that the pacing is good and not slow and does not have over the top detailing where I will be bored out of mind, have my mind wander, then forget what I was even reading. 

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Another big one for me is ending. I need to know am I going into a cliffhanger, a satisfying ending, or an ending that is open to interpretation. I don't mind any of these but I like to know where I am headed. 

So that is what I like to know in reviews and I do count on them every day and for every book, I read. 

Do you read reviews? what kind do you like.... short, detailed, funny, or just the facts?

Let us know and let's start a discussion! 



  1. What an interesting discussion! I can understand the reasoning for not reading reviews, but I am a huge review reader! I almost enjoy reading reviews more after reading a book than before because I love to see other people's thoughts on a book, and that way I have no risk of being spoiled! I agree about reading reviews from those you trust--there are definitely people out there who I know have similar taste to me, so I have a better idea that I'll enjoy it. I don't tend to look at reviews when I add to my TBR photo either. I definitely look for specific things about books in reviews. Great post! I've enjoyed reading through your discussion on this. :)

  2. I like all reviews (except the kind with spoilers. That’s not cool). I mostly like reading reviews for books I’ve already read. I want to see if I have the same opinions as the reviewer.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!


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