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I Read That Movie- The Walking Dead #1

I  read that movie is a feature where we compare movies or TV series, and the books they're based on.


The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman

This I Read that Movie, I will be comparing the show and the comics, it covers Walking Dead comics volumes 1-5 (Comics 1-30), which covers roughly 3 and a half seasons of TWD show. 

The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone ByeTitle: The Walking Dead
Publisher: Image Comics
Publishing Date: May 1st, 2004
Pages: 144
Length of Audio: Not available on audio 
Genre: Horror Graphic Novel
Series: The Walking Dead
Source: Book
How many hours are in a day when you don't spend half of them watching television?
When is the last time any of us REALLY worked to get something we wanted?
How long has it been since any of us really NEEDED something that we WANTED?
The world we knew is gone.
The world of commerce and frivolous necessity has been replaced by a world of survival and responsibility.
An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe causing the dead to rise and feed on the living.
In a matter of months society has crumbled.
no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV.
In a world ruled by the dead, we are forced to finally start living.

The Walking Dead (2010)
Release Date: May 19th, 2017
Cast: Amandla Stenberg, Nick Robinson
Series: Standalone

Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes wakes up from a coma to learn the world is in ruins, and must lead a group of survivors to stay alive.

Let's compare:
Here are some of the biggest differences between the show and the comics.

There are a few characters that are in the show that are not in the comics. The biggest ones are Daryl, Merle, Sasha and Beth. In the comics Hershel does have several other children, that are not in the show. Maggie is of course still in the comics.

Neither Daryl nor Merle, are in the comics. In the first comic, once Rick gets to Atlanta, he does get in a predicament, though not in a tank, and does meet Glenn. But instead of meeting everyone in Atlanta, Glenn takes Rick straight to the campsite where he sees Lori and Carl.

The way the characters come to the group is a bit different in the comics than in the show as well. Tyreese shows up before they get to the farm, unlike in the show where they meet him at the prison. In the show he has his sister, Sasha, in the comics he has a daughter and her daughters boyfriend. 

The word Zombie is used several times in the comics, where in the show they call them biters, roamers, walkers, geeks, and many other words. In the show they act like there has never been a book, movie, or show about zombies, as if zombies never existed to them, even fictionally.

There is no CDC seen in the comics whatsoever, once they leave the original campsite, they travel around in the RV for a bit before making it to Hershel's farm. 

They are at the farm much longer in the show. Now it's a bit hard to tell the timeline in the comics, because it's a quicker read than to watch the show, but it is definitely a much shorter time than in the show. In the show they spend an entire season there.

In the comics Hershel tells Rick that there are zombies in the barn. There is only a handful of them in the comics, and Hershel mentions it without much thought. In the show of course, he keeps it hidden, and Glenn stumbles upon it one night when he was supposed to be meeting Maggie.

Character differences:

In the comics:

Related image

There is no backstory at all as to why Rick was in the hospital when all of this happened. It does mention he was shot, but just in passing.

In the comics the governor cuts off Rick's hand when he gets to Woodbury. He is among the first to meet the Governor, unlike in the show where Andrea and Michonne meet him first.

In the comics Rick is more than a little bit of an asshole. He is rather dramatic about everything he says and does and doesn't trust anyone.

Show: Played by Andrew Lincoln

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There is a flashback showing how he got shot and glimpses of him in the hospital, before the apocalypse begins.

In the show he gets to keep his hand, much to Andrew Lincoln's dismay. 

In the show, he still doesn't trust many people, but he doesn't act like a jerk about it either.

Image result for the walking dead comics lori grimes
In the comics she only sleeps with Shane once, when the apocalypse first starts.

Lori tells Rick that she is pregnant before they even make it to the farm. 

She's just as annoying in the comics as she is in the show. Always worrying and just being whiny in general.

Show: Played by Sarah Wayne Callies

Related image

She has a bit of an affair the whole time, since the apocalypse starts.

Lori finds out while at the farm and tries to take morning after pills, throwing them up almost immediately. In the show Rick finds out because he finds the packaging for the pills. 

Carl- Played by Chandler Riggs

Related image Related image
For now Carl is the same in the comics and the show. It'll change though, don't worry.



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Goes crazy a lot quicker in the comics, he starts acting odd as soon as Rick joins the group. 

Get's shot by Carl before they even leave the original campsite outside of Atlanta. He does not come back as a zombie until a little later in the comics.

Show: Played by Jon Bernthal

Related image

He acts okay when Rick first joins the group, it isn't until a bit later he starts acting crazy.

Is shot by Rick in the comics, at Hershels farm. And after he shoots him, he comes back as a zombie, and Carl then shoots him, finally killing him.

Really that's the biggest difference with Shane. Jon Bernthol did an amazing job playing Shane, and he lasted much longer in the show. Unfortunately. 



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In the comics Andrea and Dale actually have a relationship. 

There are two twin boys (Lizzie and Mika take their place in the show) who's parents are killed by the zombies and Andrea and Dale take the place as parents. 

In the comics she does not go to woodbury, and is a pretty impressive marksman. 

She is completely different in the show, making us dislike her almost immediately.

Show: Played by Laurie Holden

Related image

In the show she is very wishy washy and so annoying. She acts dumb, reacts completely by emotion, and just doesn't think. 

She ends up sleeping with Shane, and then once they leave the farm (Because it gets overrun by zombies) she gets split from the group and ends up meeting Michonne, who saves her from zombies. 

In the show, much like the comics, there is a hellicopter that crashes. 

In the comics Rick, Michonne, and Glenn go off looking for the hellicopter. 

In the show Andrea and Michonne find the hellicopter and that's when the governor finds them and takes them to Woodbury. In Woodbury she ends up having a relationship with the governor. 


Related image

Comics Dale and show Dale are pretty similar in the way they act. 

Like mentioned before, in the comics Andrea and Dale have a pretty serious relationship. 

And up to volume 5 of the comics he is still alive.

Show:  Played by Jeffery DeMunn

Related image

I'm actually pretty glad they didn't put the relationship between Andrea and Dale in the show. It works in the comics, but I don't think it would in the show.

Unlike in the comics, by this point Dale is long gone. 

Dale has his guts torn out by a zombie in season 2, while they are at the farm. 


Image result for the walking dead comics carol

Very much like Andrea, Carol in the comics is hugely different than Carol in the show. 
In the comics, her husband, Ed, is long dead. Though it is still mentioned that he is abusive, he never makes an appearance. 

At this point in the comics, Carol has had a relationship with Tyreese, in which they break up and she tries to kill herself by slitting her wrists. She lives and ends up proposing to Lori, that her, Lori and Rick should all be married and raise Sophia and Carl all together. 

She is an incredibly annoying, weak and crazy character. 

Show: Played by Melissa McBride

Image result for the walking dead carol

So basically in the show, Carol and Andrea end up switching roles. 

In the show, at the beginning, Carol's husband, Ed, is part of it. He is obviously an abusive asshole, and Carol is shown as weak because of this. 

At this point in the show Carol hasn't really made a big impression yet.


Related image

In the comics Sophia is still alive. She asks Carl to be her boyfriend, and is absolutely adorable. 

Show:  Played by Madison Lintz

Related image

In the show, Sophia ends up getting separated from the group right after they leave the original campsite outside of Atlanta. 

They find out later than she is being kept in the barn at Hershel's farm and that she was bit, and turned. 


Image result for the walking dead comics glenn

In the comics Glenn is very much like he is in the show at first. He goes out and scavenges as much as he can. 

He is still the first one from the group to meet Rick and he does save him from the zombies like in the show. But instead of being in a tank he just finds Rick on the street, and takes him straight to the camp.

In the comics he also still falls in love with Maggie. In the comics Hershel ends up kicking Rick's group out of the farm (More on that a bit later) and Glenn decides to stay at the farm with Maggie.

Show: Played by Steven Yeun

Image result for the walking dead glenn

In the show he still ends up saving Rick, when he is in a tank and surrounded by zombies. But in the show he leads a small team of people into the city to get supplies. 

In the comics he stays with the group the whole time. Other than that, at this point he's pretty spot on.


Image result for the walking dead comics maggie

In the comics Maggie is a little bit more to herself. We don't see as much from her as we do by this point in the show. 

Show: Played by Lauren Cohan 

Related image

In the show by this point we see a lot more of her, there was an entire season at the farm where we got to see her and even more because of the farm being overrun and them leaving with Rick's group after. 

She has proved to be quite an amazing character in the show. Pretty badass.


Image result for the walking dead hershel comics

In the comics Hershel is very much like he is in the show. He is put off to having people stay with him. He doesn't trust Rick's group. How the group finds Hershel's farm is very much the same in the show. 

The biggest difference with comics vs. the show is that in the comics Hershel is very open about having zombies in the barn. He doesn't try to hide it. And in the comics he is the one who accidentally let's the zombies out and kills the zombies. There's not huge dramatic deal about it like in the show. Definitely one of the least climactic scenes in the comics vs. the show.

He also ends up kicking Rick's group out for being disrespectful after Hershel almost shoots Rick. He stays at the farm with his family, and Glenn, while Rick and the rest leave and find the prison.

In the comics Rick goes back to the farm and tells them about the prison and they go back with Rick. 

Show: Played by Scott Wilson

Related image

In the show Hershel does not tell Rick and group about the zombies. Glenn finds out and tells the group. Like I said, in the show after the farm is overrun they join Rick's group and stumble around for a while before they find the prison.

Also in the show by this point Hershel has gotten bit by a zombie and they chop off his leg. In the show he is still grumpy, but he is much sweeter than in the comics. 


Image result for the walking dead tyreese comics

In the comics Tyreese joins the group before they even got to the farm. In the comics he has a daughter, and his daughter's boyfriend with him.

Also he is in a relationship with Carol for a while, before Carol catches Tyreese and Michonne together. 

Show: Played by Chad L. Coleman

Related image

In the show They meet Tyreese at the Prison, he has a sister, and a few other people with him. They get into the prison through the broken side and accidentally run into Rick and co. Rick keeps them far away from his group and they don't like that fact so they run away and end up getting together with the Governor. 

So at this point in the show he's with the Governor and them.


Image result for the walking dead Michonne comics

In the comics Michonne doesn't meet the Governor until Rick and everyone else does, because she meets them at the prison pretty early on. In the comics she's kind of awful. She gets Tyreese to cheat on Carol. And she's pretty to herself.

Show: Played by Danai Gurira 

Image result for the walking dead Michonne

In the show we meet her when she saves Andrea after the farm gets overrun. She ends up getting caught by the Governor with Andrea and they take them to Woodbury. Michonne is completely untrusting of the Governor from the moment she meets him. 

The Governor

Related image

In the comics The Governor has long flowing black hair and almost looks like he could be Hispanic. He has this powerful scary feel about him, from the moment you see him. 

Up to this point in the comics we find out that he has a fighting ring and also he cuts Rick's hand off. Not cool.

Show: Played by David Morrissey 

Image result for the walking dead the governor

In the show he has short hair and he is definitely white. He has this face that everyone wants to trust. 

At this point in the show he has Michonne and Andrea there. 

As far as I remember in the show we find out he has a daughter who is a zombie and oh yeah he has a tank full of heads. Which is the same in the comics.
But I can't remember anything else different yet. 


Image result for the walking dead comics morgan

In the comics by this point we haven't seen much from Morgan yet. 

He met Rick in basically the same way and they went separate ways basically the same way. So no more Morgan at this point.

Show: Played by Lennie James

Image result for the walking dead morgan

In the show it's the same thing. Not a lot of Morgan yet.

This is my second time going through the comics, and I think I actually like the comics just a little bit better, but it's really hard to say.

Everything happens so much faster in the comics, unlike in the show where it drags on and it really makes you feel. Because it happens faster in the comics there isn't really much to feel, it just jumps to the next scene.

And there you have it for part 1 of I Read That Movie, Walking Dead edition. I hope someone actually reads it! 


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  1. I read some of the comics (after I started watching the series) but found too many of the characters to be whiny and annoying. I never forgave the show or Carl for killing Dale as he was my favourite. I've stopped watching the show at the end of season 3 and don't feel motivated at the moment to continue with it.


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