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Review: Flunked by Jen Calonita

Flunked (Fairy Tale Reform School, #1)Title: Flunked
Author: Jen Calonita
Publisher: Sourcebooks Young Readers
Publishing Date: March 3rd, 2015 
Pages: 256
Audio Length: 5 Hours and 16 Minutes
Genre: MG Fantasy
Series: Fairy Tale Reform School #1
Source: Audio

Would you send a villain to do a hero's job?
An exciting new twisted fairy tale from the award-winning author of the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series.
Gilly wouldn't call herself wicked, exactly...but when you have five little brothers and sisters and live in a run-down boot, you have to get creative to make ends meet. Gilly's a pretty good thief (if she does say so herself).
Until she gets caught.
Gilly's sentenced to three months at Fairy Tale Reform School where all of the teachers are former (super-scary) villains like the Big Bad Wolf, the Evil Queen, and Cinderella's Wicked Stepmother. Harsh. But when she meets fellow students Jax and Kayla, she learns there's more to this school than its heroic mission. There's a battle brewing and Gilly has to wonder just how good these bad guys really are?
What made me pick this book up: 
The cover is really great. As soon as I saw it I definitely wanted to read it.

What did I like about the cover: 
First I love her outfit. I love the striped tights. Is that weird? Anyway! I love how fairy tale it is, without being... "girly" I guess? It's not all twinkling lights and about boys saving them. But still fairy tale. Does that make sense?

What made me read this book: 
Okay after seeing the cover and seeing the "Fairy Tale Reform School" part I read the back and realized that it looked like a really fun read! I love anything fairy tale, and retellings, and such like this so I knew it was right up my alley. 

What did I like the most: 
I don't know why it took me so long to read this book! I've had the audio of it for at least a year and I just ended up reading it now. 

So the first thing I really enjoyed was reading about the different fairy tale characters. I always love reading how different books put spins on these classic characters. It's a lot of fun.

I really liked the MC. I related to her (Minus the being super poor and having to steal from princesses to get money for food) But she was a spitfire. She didn't let anyone tear her down and she always did what was best for her family. Even if it meant getting herself in trouble. She made sure there was food on the table and was there for her siblings. 

I also loved the idea that all of these villains could be good guys and be "reformed" I love that it's teaching that people can change for the better and be better people. I think it's especially important for young teens to read. 

The story was interesting. It was different than what you would think and I love the little "twist" at the end.

I could definitely picture myself there and I kind of wished I was there. I would love to go to fairy tale school even if it is for villains!

What didn't I like: 
It felt like a really fast whirlwind that was just never stopping. By the time we got to the end to find out the main "problem" the characters faced it was like "wait, what? What just happened?" I had to listen to it over again. 

I also wish we got to meet more of the characters. We did get to meet a few of the villains and that was pretty cool. 

Would I read the rest of the series/more from this author?
Yes I am most definitely going to read the rest of the series, and I've read other books by her I really enjoyed.

Was a really good, fun, simple read.

“Weakness is not a characteristic you want to share with the world”
― Jen Calonita, Flunked

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I'm Jen Calonita, a MG and YA author who loves what I do because it lets me connect with all of you (and no, I wasn't intending for that to rhyme!).

I've been writing ever since I can remember, but it was fourth grade when I put my "three wishes" for a genie down on paper. They were:
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I love writing novels for teens (and for savvy grown ups who know that YA rocks at any age). My first series was "Secrets of My Hollywood Life" and it followed a teen star named Kaitlin Burke who struggled with the fame game. I have also written the stand-alone novels Sleepaway Girls, it's companion book, Summer State of Mind and the Belles series.
I've been writing middle grade too and am having so much fun with my series Fairy Tale Reform School! The fourth book in this series about a school run by former villains is called Tricked and will be out March 2018. Ever wonder what it would be like if your parents got a job with someone like Taylpr Swift? My other middle grade series, VIP, follows super fan Mackenzie Lowell as she tours with her favorite band, Perfect Storm.
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  1. This sounds really fun! I always love the idea of all these fairy tale characters showing up in the same book.


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