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Review: Christmas, Criminals, & Campers by Tonya Kappes

Christmas, Criminals, and Campers (A Camper & Criminals Cozy #4)Title: Christmas, Criminals, & Campers
Author: Tonya Kappes
Publisher: Independently Published
Publishing Date:  October 26, 2018
Pages: 264
Genre: Adult Cozy Mystery
Series:  Campers and Criminals #4
Source:  Audio 

Welcome to Normal, Kentucky where NOTHING is normal.

Librarian Abby Fawn is star struck when her favorite romance author, Nadine White, has rented a cozy camper at the Happy Trails Campground for the winter months.

Abby is devastated to find out Nadine White is nothing like the person she portrays in interviews or on social media. In fact, Nadine White is not nice at all and Abby lets her feelings known that she thinks Nadine is a fraud. . .after she finds out Nadine has a ghost writer.

When Nadine White is found dead in the Normal Library, Abby Fawn is Detective Hank Sharp's number one suspect.

It's time for Mae West to put up her camping gear for the winter months and put on her sleuthing gear to figure out who is framing Abby Fawn before Abby is the ending in Nadine White's final chapter

This book was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the Christmas scenery of the story, it was a very good seasonal read.... ya know if you like murder for Christmas. I have been enjoying this series for a while and I am happy to see more keep coming out. This one was good, not my favorite but really good. 

A very popular author comes to town and isn't all she's cracked up to be. She's a bit rude and she doesn't even writer her own books. This is devastating for very loyal fan, the town librarian, Abby. But even more disappointing... and a little worrisome.... This author is found dead and now Abby is the main suspect. I guess Abby is writing her own murder mysteries now. Mae of course knows or believes that Abby is innocent, so of course she gets busy solving the case. 

There was lots of good in this book. It's great to know that the books are still really fun and they have been keeping up the momentum. I am very picky over my cozy mysteries... I don't like the cheesy and corny. This series does have moments of cheese and corn, but for the most part they stay on the just enough humor to be a good time. 

One of the best thing in this series... Hank and Mae. There is more of Hank and Mae. I do adore there relationship. Mae seems to cross many lines when it comes to her relationship and Hank's job, but Hank is patient and seems to really like Mae just how she is. So its nice. 

I really do like Mae. I find her my favorite heroine in the cozy mysteries I read and my love for just grows. She seems to stay true to herself which is strong, independent, loyal, smart, and just a bit of cooky. 

The mystery was good. I could see where it was going but still had fun reading it. I feel that this series sometimes keeps me guessing and sometimes it just seems a bit too obvious. It's never dull though. 

One of my favorite things about this series is the setting. While reading these books, I just want to find a camper and move to a small town with a RV Park and just enjoy the simple life. One thing I do wonder though, this town seems to have lots of murders....if I lived there, I think I would look into moving. So maybe I would need to find a different RV park in another small town. 

The heroine is full of spunk, the town is full of crazies, and it's just a fun read. 

Loved it as I have loved all the others. 

Tonya Kappes

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