Friday, January 24, 2020

Mini Reviews: Canterville Ghost, Lullaby, and Everything Alice

The Canterville Ghost
Title: The Canterville Ghost
Author: Oscar Wilde
Publisher: Unknown
Publishing Date: February 23rd, 1887
Pages: 126
Audio Length: 1 Hour and 12 Minutes
Genre: Classic Short Stories
Series: Standalone
Source: Audio

This is Oscar Wilde's tale of the American family moved into a British mansion, Canterville Chase, much to the annoyance of its tired ghost. The family -- which refuses to believe in him -- is in Wilde's way a commentary on the British nobility of the day -- and on the Americans, too. The tale, like many of Wilde's, is rich with allusion, but ends as sentimental romance...
Mini Review:
I in general do not like Classics. There's very few I enjoy. I saw that this was a short book and decided that I wouldn't be wasting a ton of time if I didn't like it.
But I really liked it! The ghost was sassy and funny. The family was like "whatever we have a ghost" and it was all just like "Yepp this is my life now." And I really enjoyed it. It made me laugh and I for some reason really related to this ghost. I kept saying "Same!" whenever he got frustrated or what not. 

LullabyTitle: Lullaby
Author: Jonathan Maberry
Publishing Date: October 4th, 2018
Pages: 14
Audio Length: 37 Minutes
Genre: Horror
TW: Death of an infant
Series: Standalone
Source: Audio
The fears and horrors of being a new parent take on a shocking dimension in in this heart-stopping original story, only from Audible. A young married couple, Matt and Gillian have just bought a gorgeous house located next to a lake in the Catskills. They want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to raise their baby girl, Hope, in relative peace and quiet. When night falls, however, their dream home becomes a house of nightmares. Matt and Gillian soon learn that darkness takes many forms. And sometimes, darkness is hungry.
New York Times best-selling author and Bram Stoker Award winner Jonathan Maberry delivers a haunting Audible Original that will give listeners the Halloween creeps all year round. Scott Brick, the man with the golden voice, perfectly captures the experience of hearing a classic ghost story told around the campfire.
Mini Review:
I was super excited when I heard about this book. I wasn't expecting it to be so short so that was a shock. 
I had a hard time listening to this, because of losing my boys. I felt like it was a good short story though. There wasn't any reason to be any longer. It was kind of creepy still.

Everything Alice: The Wonderland Book of Makes and Bakes
Title: Everything Alice: The Wonderland Book of Makes and Bakes
Author: Hannah Read-Baldrey, Christine Leeach
Publishing Date: January 1st, 2011
Pages: 143
Audio Length: N/A
Genre: Arts and Crafts/ Recipe book
Series: Standalone
Source: Book

Welcome to Wonderland
Enter the magical world of "Everything Alice," where nothing is quite as it seems! The tales of Alice in Wonderland provide the inspiration for a charming and original collection of 50 makes, ranging from a hand-sewn rabbit toy and pompom-decorated slippers to a papercraft party invitation tea set and cut-out-and-keep dress-up dolls. Who wouldn't be seduced by a red polka dot frilly apron to wear while baking cupcakes fit for a king or a heart-shaped pinboard to house precious keepsakes, all designed and made by Christine Leech and Hannah Read-Baldrey. This book is the creative must-have for any Alice lover, whatever their age.
Mini Review:
Oh my goodness I freaked out when I got this for Christmas. Forget everything else I got that day, this was the best. I thought it was going to be just recipes. NO! It has crafts and recipes and everything and I love it. It's easy to follow, has patterns you can follow. And pictures! I love pictures. 

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