Thursday, January 30, 2020

Netflix and Thrill: Into the Dark Hulu Originals

Netflix and Thrill is a feature where I review horror movies I've watched recently.

So for this Netflix and Thrill (My very first one!!) I'll be talking about the Into the Dark series which is a Hulu original movie series. There are currently 16 movies in the series, with one scheduled to come out February 7th about, you guessed it, Valentines Day! 
Now I had planned to do reviews of every movie when I do my Netflix and Thrill posts. But because there's 16 of them... well I'll do it a little differently by dividing them up in three categories. Ones I liked, ones that were meh, and ones I just really did not like. 
Ones I liked are rated 4/5 stars, meh is 3 stars, and did not like is 1/2 stars. 

I liked these...
The Body PosterDown PosterTreehouse PosterSchool Spirit PosterPure PosterA Nasty Piece of Work Poster

These were okay...
Flesh & Blood PosterNew Year, New You PosterThey Come Knocking PosterUncanny Annie PosterMidnight Kiss Poster

I really did not like these...
Pooka! PosterI'm Just F*cking with You PosterAll That We Destroy PosterCulture Shock PosterPilgrim Poster

Overall I highly suggest this series if you like horror movies. It was definitely worth watching all of them, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next. 


  1. Love the list of movies you have here. Not a big fan of horror films, but every once in a while, I will treat myself to one, so I am going to check these out that you recommended for sure!!

  2. I don't have Hulu or Netflix so there's a lot that I haven't seen that others have.

  3. It has been so long since I watched a decent movie. I usually let my husband control the TV while I read and his taste in programming is

  4. Ooh some of these look pretty good! I don't have Hulu but if I subscribe again I'll definitely make a point to check some of these.

  5. Seems they are split up evenly. Last horror one I watched was Happy Death Day on Netflix, not bad. Hulu is one I haven't got though. Just so many streaming services and only so much time, ugg.

  6. Even though I'm not crazy about horror, we've been keeping up with all of these. I think my favorite has been Down!


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