Sunday, May 12, 2019

Weekly Wrap: May 12th- May 18th

Weekly Wrap-Up 
April 7th-13th

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Jenn's week:  

Books finished: 
The InvitedThe Lovely and the LostPoison Study (Study, #1)Missing, Presumed Dead

Books Coming Up:

Sky Without Stars (System Divine, #1)StepsisterMeet Cute

Games Played: 

Ash's week

This week was pretty non eventful for the most part. I slept a lot. Did laundry. Played sims and read my book. Blah blah blah.

I went to the doctor and got to see baby for the first time! I'm not as far along as we thought I was, I'm only 6 weeks and will be 7 weeks on Wednesday. My new due date is 1/1/20! It was such a relief to be able to see baby and see the heartbeat I actually started crying. I'm still pretty nervous, but I definitely feel better and the symptoms are crazy kicking my butt now. 

Saturday I slept. And then we went to get fro-yo! I forgot to get pictures and it makes me sad. 

Now it's Sunday evening and I'm just a bit delayed in posting this because I went to Half Price Books and this gaming restaurant called Vigilante. We played a few games, had some good food and now I'm exhausted. 

I watched:
I have been catching up on my shows again. I've been watching Santa Clarita Diet and Good Girls with hubby. I also got caught up on 911 and I've been working on catching up on Grey's Anatomy. I'm super far behind on that one. Well at least for the season. I think I watched another movie this week but pregnancy brain is kicking my butt. 

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant in Santa Clarita Diet (2017)Christina Hendricks, Retta, and Mae Whitman in Good Girls (2018)9-1-1 (2018)Justin Chambers, James Pickens Jr., Ellen Pompeo, and Chandra Wilson in Grey's Anatomy (2005)Escape Room Poster

Escape Room- 4 Stars. Super creepy, had me holding my breath and cringing. I swear I will never be going to an escape room.

Ash's Books Read: 
Wolfhunter River (Stillhouse Lake, #3)Eliza and Her MonstersSquadMonsterlandThe LostDisney Manga: Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero's Journey Issue #0Disney Manga: Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack Sparrow's AdventuresCrazy Plant Lady

What Ash wants to read and listen to this week:

Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy, #1)The Cemetery BoysLove and First SightPasadenaThe History of Jane DoePhoenix Island (Phoenix Island, #1)Peter Green and the Unliving Academy: This Book Is Full of Dead PeopleThis World We Live In (Last Survivors, #3)Dreamland: A Ghost Story


  1. Congratulations, Ash! I am so happy for you!

  2. Such amazing news, look at that beautiful little life you've created! I hope you're able to relax so the symptoms ease up a little, it won't be long before you're feeling okay and able to fully enjoy your pregnancy. I know some women have had success having lots of small snacks like dry biscuits and tea during the day between meals that helps ease the nausea and indigestion if you're experiencing any, bit of a sugar boost might help too. Congratulations again new mummy and please keep us updated!


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