Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bookworm's Wishlist: Library Loot

 Just a little feature to make a little list of all my book lover friends. 

This weeks theme is library loot for those librarians or those who just love the library

These are just some gifts to give your favorite librarian or to add to your personal collection  (since I know we all love our local libraries) 
Out of Print Library Card Pouch YellowOut of Print HARRY POTTER When in Doubt Tote Bag, 15 X 17 Inches
We have some bags to carry our daily books and stuff.  I love tote bags for books. It makes it so much easier to carry. The little pouch works for the book essentials too.... bookmarks, library card, and change for reading snacks and drinks. 

Bookworm Gift Dewey Decimal System Gifts for Teachers Appreciation Gifts Graduation Gift Librarian Gift Coffee Mug Tea Cup White

I always love to have at least one mug on here... I am an avid collector of mugs. And yes I do hope to have all the ones I listed one day. I will need more coffee cup space though. They already take up two full cabinets in my house. 

Oh, and The Card Catalog book just looks amazing. I think it would be so fun to look through... While I drink from my cool coffee mug. 

Out of Print Women's Library Stamp T-Shirt Small StormTools of Resistance: Library Card & Books Pinback Button

Just some self-decoration. The t-shirt so cute and the pin would look great on my tote bag full of books! 

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