Friday, March 2, 2018

Bookish Banter: How Do You Read Your Series?

A little Bookish Banter to get us through.  Bookish Banter is a little bit of banter about our bookish thoughts as we have a friendly discussion over a nice cup of tea. 

Do you read all of one series at once, or do you read books in between?

Ash: That really just depends on the series, to be honest. There have been some series that I just had to read one right after the other because I just loved it so much and I just had to finish them (Like The Naturals). 

Jenn: I very rarely read an entire series at one time. I have to be very into it and have all the books. I think I would have read The Naturals, Jasper Dent, and the Lunar Chronicles all at once if they would have been out. All those I had to wait a year in between which was murder I tell you!

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Of course, there are also times when you have to wait a year+ for the next book to be released, so you have to read books in between them. That is always awful if you find a really good book that you just have to read more of, but you can't because it won't come out for a while (Where I am currently with the second one to Follow Me Back)

I am also waiting very impatiently for the second book to Follow me back! This is just torture... along with a few others like the second book to Truly Devious and Cruel Prince... Sigh!!!!

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There have also been a few series, where I absolutely loved the first one, and then when I saw the size of the second one... I was so intimidated, I just said nope (Like Ashes). Which I will have to finish that series eventually because I did love it.

Most of the time I do like to mix my reads up. Not because I get bored or my ADD...although ADD does make it hard to stick with a book let alone a series... I read some very dark books and some pretty emotional books... sometimes I need to switch it up and put a comedy or a fluff read in there. Clear my head. 

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And then, of course, there are somewhere I read the first book, loved it, went to read the second one and I had zero interest in it. Zero, zilch, nada, none. And that always really surprises me when that happens.

Well, we all have these reads. Nope just not gonna do any more of this series. It doesn't happen to me much. I like to finish things and get very curious but sometimes I just have no interest whatsoever.

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But, at the same time, I am also really super ADD when it comes to my books so I will be reading 5 of them at once. I'll read three physical books, two kindle books and be listening to a book on audio so it can change depending on my mood. 

I think we both read a pile of books at one time... Sometimes there is a second or third book to the series in there and sometimes there is a new series started... sometimes I just have all stand alone... yup that is right now series in my pile! 

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So let's discuss! How do you read your series? Do you have to just know what happens and can't wait or do you need a break in between? How do you deal with that year of waiting in between the books?
Do you sit in a corner in the dark and cry like us?


  1. I will binge a whole series right up until the last book out. It's kind of a pain if the series isn't finished, but I will at least be caught up for the new release. I have serious Book 1 Syndrome. For a lot of series, the first book doesn't sweep me off my feet, I have to get in book 2 or even 3 before I become totally engrossed. That's happened with a LOT of my favorite series. So strange. Sometimes, like right now, I will totally binge read an author. I've been reading Dannika Dark and am working on my 3rd series by her. I think this will be the last one before I move on. Then the big decision on what the next binge series read I'll be on!

  2. I usually don’t read series at all. I tend to get bored with them. If I do read a series, I prefer to marathon it. That way, I don’t forget what happens between books.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  3. The thing with series is tricky. If all the books are released when I chance upon a book, I'll read them in sequence. If the series is way too long, I'll just read the ones I'm interested.

  4. I hardly ever read a series in a row! There are so many books I want to read and I just have to intersperse them in between a book series. Sometimes I'll wait months or even a year between reading books in a series (this is even if they are already out, haha). I don't like to over-saturate myself in any worlds, so I rarely read them all at once. Great discussion!

  5. It depends on the series, but ideally I like to read an entire series straight through. If the books are all out of course. But it doesn't always work that way :)

  6. If the series is long I do like to branch out with a few reads between each book just to break things up again. Sometimes I do read them all back to back. I guess it depends on my mood!


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