Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Wee Reads: Because I'm Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa

Ever since Finn was born, and even before then, we would read to him. We wanted to show him reading from an early age. Now he loves us to read the same books, over, and over, and over. But it is the sweetest thing, when he likes to pick out a book and climb into our laps. 

What Finn Reads....  
Because I'm Your DadBecause I'm Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa


Because I'm your dad, you can have spaghetti for breakfast, French toast for dinner, and rocky road ice cream in the bathtub.
In a text that's both playful and loving, a father expresses his hopes and dreams for a one-of-a-kind relationship with his child. Whimsical monster characters bring the silly and sweet scenes to life and keep the book universal. The book's ending, a moving tribute to the author's father, guarantees intergenerational appeal.
Because I'm your dad, I will do all of these things for you and more . . .
because that's what my dad did for me.

What Finn Thinks...
Do you like this book?
I like it a lot! The funny costumes made me laugh, and some of the humans didn't have costumes!

What's your favorite part of the book?
The mud forts, because they're dirty and muddy. And I like when they burp. My daddy burps a lot! This book makes me feel super excited!

What do you think of the cover?
Hmmm. I like the daddy and the baby. I like both of the monsters, but the daddy monster is my favorite. I super like daddy monsters and my daddy.

Do you want me to read it again?
Yeah, next time.

What Momma Thinks... 
This is an absolutely adorable book. It goes through all of the things this monster daddy will do for his son, because he's his daddy and that's what his daddy did for him. It's cute and has great art, and I swear the last couple pages always makes me tear up.

Some of our favorite pages:

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  1. This sounds so heartfelt and wonderful. Definitely going to keep this on my list of great books to gift little ones. Thanks for putting it on my radar!


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