Sunday, May 31, 2020

Weekly Wrap Up: May 25th-31st

Weekly Wrap-Up 
Ash's week:
I worked out A LOT this week. I'm down 6 lbs! Not too bad for just a little over a week. We tried a bunch of yummy keto recipes that was great. Other than that I started a book, I DNF'd a book, I watched a couple movies.
I was sick Friday night and super busy Saturday so I didn't get to work out sadly. 
And then on Saturday I had a craft show and I sold a few things, not as much as I hoped, but not too bad. 
Jenn got some stuff so I'll be doing some crafting projects for her through out the week (Maybe even next week) 
So it's been a pretty chill week for the most part. I did get new loose leaf tea on Saturday so be on the look out for some new tea reviews! 

I watched:
Virgin River PosterNo Vacancy PosterThe Resident PosterFruits Basket Poster

Ash's Books Read:
None yet. It's sad. 

What Ash wants to read and listen to this week:
Basically anything I can at this point. 


Lots of working out, I read one book. I played some games. Really just a lot of working out. Hopefully more blogging and reading this week. I feel like a record on repeat. 

Books read this week:

Deadly Little Scandals (Debutantes #2)

Currently Reading This Week: Maybe I will finish these. :)
Last GirlsThe Murder List

Games played this last week:

Cover of the English 2nd printingThe Isle of Cats - Flat coverreprint Box CoverGame CoverNoctiluca Box CoverCover art with logoArboretum, Renegade Game Studios, 2018 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)Yamataï, Days of Wonder, 2017 — front cover (image provided by the publisher)Tiny Towns Cover ArtworkBox CoverEx Libris, Renegade Game Studios, 2017

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