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Feature and Follow Friday #63

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Q: We are about to see a lot of posts and tweets about reader conventions, RT, BEA, ALA and many more are starting soon. Which one would you love to attend? Where and why?

A: I would love to go to BEA.  One its in New York! Two it has books and authors! Three - Its in New York! OK I have said that but its a good reason. I have heard many good things about BEA last year. Honestly I didn't know what BEA was until last year and knew I wanted to go! I had planned on saving and such to go this year but I am getting a grandson instead. So that has been pushed back. 

I really would be happy going to any book conventions. I love books and meeting authors and hearing all the good things the author say about their books or other books. 

Every year I go to the Austin Teen Book Festival and I just love it. I really do enjoy the panels. I just wished I didn't  have to pick and choose and that I could catch all the panels. Maybe if it lasted two days. Ah that would wonderful. 

I didn't know what the RT convention was so I looked it up. Its not New York but it still looks like a blast. So I would love to go there too. Its probably more feesable for me too, a lot closer. 

You got my long answer, now for my short answer. I just want to to go anywhere they have books! 


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  2. "I just want to to go anywhere they have books!" THIS. :) I've only been to one convention, and it was when I first started blogging, so I didn't really know what I was doing. I would LOVE to go to BEA, but yeah, that's an expensive trip. I was hoping to go to TLA this year since it's in Ft. Worth, but I don't think I'm going to be able to get off work. :( I need to check out the Austin Teen Book Festival sometime...

  3. Just becuase it is in New York is a great reason :) I would love to go too
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  4. I also would love to be able to go to BEA, so maybe next year! I've never been to any book conventions or events so I'm sure it'll be a great experience when I do go to one :) I hope you get to attend all the events you want to!!

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  5. BEA would be awesome!! But I fear I may not ever go because it's in NYC. That place is kind of intimidating to me, mostly because I look like I'm 17 or 18 even though I'm 25.

    RT is the best!! I've been twice now and am going again this year...maybe next year because New Orleans sounds like lots of fun! There's tons of parties and authors and interesting panels!! It's a blast!!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  6. I agree, anywhere with books lol
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  7. New York- the city of dreams :)
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  8. I agree that BEA would be awesome! I've always wanted to attend the Austin book festival but have never made my way down. Congrats on the grandson!

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  9. Following on GFC - follow me please (

    I would choose the BEA because it is in New York! :D I wouldnt minding being able to go anywhere there is books, book lover, and tons of authors :D

  10. I am going to the BEA...went last year for the first time. Going to all four days this year. I will be staying with my son to save money on lodging. It is fun.

    I hope I see some bloggers I always talk to. Didn't get to see anyone last year, though.

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