Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blog News: Bloglovin is the new Google Reader

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When I heard they were shutting down Google Reader I was so upset and panicky. 

I loved Google Reader. I didn't know how to keep up with my favorite blogs before Google Reader. I remember I used to bookmark blogs and only follow a few. 

Then I discovered Google Reader and loved it!

 I went to it daily and would have been lost without it. So I logged  in one day and I got a nasty message. I could not believe what I was reading. Google Reader is shutting down. 

Why, Why, Why, Google? 

It didn't make sense to me, so many people use Google Reader.  figured I needed to find a new reader asap.  I searched and I searched, I downloaded, signed-up, bookmarked... but I just wasn't happy with my choices. 

So very frustrating!

Then I saw Bloglovin introduced on a blog. I am so sorry I can't remember which blog that was, since that day I have seen it on tons of blogs, so they all mushed together.  Anyways, I figured okay... I will give it a go since it has been recommended. 

I was very hopeful!

I went to Bloglovin, I signed up, I added my favorite blogs, I tested it out.

 I LOVE IT!!!!! It's awesome, I am so very happy. HAPPY DANCE! 

 It's so easy, set up  just the way I like, I can categorize, it's so wonderful. I just Love Bloglovin. 

So Please follow me..

 If you have not signed up for an account yet, it's so easy and if you have Google Reader, you can just import all the blogs you already follow on Google Reader into Bloglovin. If you don't want to import or don't already follow me on Gooogle Reader, just push the wonderful Eiffel Tower. It blinks... so you can't miss it.   

I think you will love Bloglovin too! 

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