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Blog Tour: Why My Love Life Sucks by Shevi Arnold

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Why My Love Life SucksTitle: Why My Love Life Sucks 
Author: Shevi Arnold 
Publishing Date: February 1st 2013
Pages: 340
Genre: Humorous YA Contemporary Fantasy
Series: The Legend of Gilbert the Fixer, #1
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Gilbert Garfinkle is the ultimate tech geek. He has a compulsive need to take apart, figure out, and fix things; and he dreams of one day fixing the world. But a funny thing happens on the way to the future. Gilbert encounters the one thing he'll never be able to figure out: a gorgeous, teenage vampire girl named Amber, who wants to turn Gilbert into her platonic BFF--literally forever! This leaves the ultimate geek pondering life's ultimate question: "Why me?"

The title and the cover totally sold me on this book. I don't think I even fully read the synopsis until after I signed up for the book tour. This is definitely a book I would see in the bookstore and immediately pick it up. It isn't just pretty on the outside, it was very fun read on the inside too. I loved reading about Gilbert's life and can't wait to read more. The book is for sure humorous and has a very cute story.

Gilbert is a science geek, he loves Dungeons and Dragons, he is very smart,  he has never kissed a girl, and he only has a few really good friends. One night when a very pretty girl flirts with him she takes him home and kisses him... then bites him. Now he finds he is a vampire. Something he absolutely does not want to be and he has a vampire stalker, Amber. Amber chose him for a reason. She wants a BFF. She is lonely and now her one and only chance doesn't want anything to do with her.  Gilber only ever wanted to invent great things to fix the world not hang out with a crazy vampire girl. Gilbert heart softens once he has a heart to heart talk with his Dungeon and Dragons Game Master Dave, and realizes he has needs to fix things, especially Amber.

This was so much fun from beginning to end. I loved the characters and the story. It was cute, charming, funny, and a bit heart warming at times. The story is crazy and the very humorous, and it was paced really well. The story started off right away with Gilbert telling his story of the events that led up to his life changing moment and then the story continues into the whole crazy episode of his vampire life, or at least the part where he has to learn to adapt to his vampire life.

The characters were the focal point of the entire story, without them it would have just been another vampire story, well another vampire story with a lot of funny stuff going on. Gilbert really was my kind of character, a true geek. He is definitely someone I would love to hang with. He fixed anything remotely machine oriented, he played Dungeons and Dragons, and he was totally smart and sarcastic. Love him. He was a bit slow at times when it came to other people. He was pretty much socially inept. He did have a few good friends that I met along the way but for the most part, he spent most of his time with a lablet... a robot kind of friend.  He had a horrible home life. His father was not in the picture, but Gilbert loved him and wanted to be like him. His father left him and his mother loads of money, but Gilbert had a very self centered,  emotionally dumb, witch of a mother. She took all the money and left Gilbert with basically nothing. Not so hard to leave that one behind for his vampire life! He did have a few good things going for him and he was pretty much happy with this life until he was turned. Now he just wants to carry on with his life as normal, but he can't because he has a vampire stalker.

Amber is another easy character to love. She has her problems, but she is lonely, she just wants a friend. She did turn Gilbert without his consent but that is done with and now she wants to be around him all the time. Gilbert feels different about it though. He wants her to leave him alone. So Amber does what she always does and makes a chain of bad decisions. I really like Amber, she may have been a little dumb, slow on the reality of things, and a bit crazy, but she was easy to like. I would have been her friend. Her biggest issue was her self esteem. As where Gilbert was happy with himself and fine with the way life worked out for him. Amber was very hard on herself and didn't seem to like herself or her life. First time ever I met a vampire with self image issues.

The story was about friendship and acceptance and I liked it. I will continue the series and I am so excited that it is a series. The book entertained me greatly and I had a bunch of fun with it

Great ball of fun with vampires wrapped up very nicely with a great cover and catching title. It is worth checking out, trust me.

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Shevi Arnold writes funny. She can't help it. She's been writing funny since she was a kid, cracking up her class and her teachers with her humorous essays.

In high school she studied sitcoms when she was supposed to be doing her homework, and in college she took a couple of courses in comedy and clowning, as part of her degrees in English Literate and Theater Studies. She just had to find out what made something funny.

Eventually she cracked the code, and that led to jobs as a political cartoonist, a comic-strip magazine editor, and an arts-and-entertainment writer specializing in children's entertainment and, of course, comedy.

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  1. This sounds like a really fun read and I like a good comedic books once in a while! :) I also like a character oriented read--and it does make a difference when characters are the focs of the story! Great review, doll!

  2. Really cute book. Thanks for sharing. And great review!

  3. Very nice review about the characters


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