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Review: How To Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston

How To Rock Braces and GlassesTitle:  How To Rock Braces and Glasses
Author: Meg Haston
Publisher: Poppy 

Publishing Date:  October 24th 2011
Pages: 336
Genre:  Middle Grade Realistic Fiction
Series: Kacey Simon #1
Source:  Audio


Super-stylish and uber-harsh, Kacey Simon is the social dictator of Marquette Middle School. She's BFFs with the prettiest girls, and she even hosts her own TV segment dispensing advice and the cold, hard truth to her classmates -- whether they want to hear it or not.
But then an eye-infection and a visit to the dentist leave her with coke-bottle glasses, a mouth full of metal, and... a littthp. Dismissed by her popular friends, she falls so far down the social ladder she can barely see the top, even with her magnifying specs.
With nowhere else to turn, Kacey has to hang with her nerdy neighbor and a boy who walks to beat of his own drum -- or rather, to the beat of the drummer in his band. Zander wants Kacey to be their lead singer, but she's determined to reclaim her throne. Will she climb back to the top? Or will she discover that hitting rock bottom kind of... rocks?

The cover is what really caught my attention. I love the cover, it is so much fun, so bright and doodley. I figured it must be a fun book. I picked up the audio and gave it a go. It was a very fun book. I love the character, she is such a typical teenager going through all the emotions and insecurities that we all seem to go though at 13 years. I loved the story, and the writing was awesome, I was laughing from start to finish.

Kacey is the typical 13 year old who happens to be very popular. She is very frank and comes off a little too rough with her words but no one ever seems to point it out to her. They act like they love her when truthfully they just want to be her or accepted by her for the sake of their place in the junior high food chain. Kacey is not only popular, she loves to be in front of a crowd or camera. She is in drama and just won herself the lead and she also has a place in the school morning show giving advice. She loves her life. Then… it all falls apart because of an eye infection and a freak accident she ends up in glasses and braces with a lisp and everyone drops her. Yes its very shallow, but more true than we ever wanted to admit at that age. Kacey has a plan to be on top again. It starts with an ex friend and a new guy. Hanging out with people she doesn’t particularly like can be dangerous.. especially when you find, they aren’t so bad after all.

This book was just fun. I think had a few blurry eyed moments too but I am a softy. What I found to be so fun about this book was the humor and the characters, what I found to be a great read in this book was the truth that is seen by this particular age group and the truth that we see as an adult looking back. I remember these sort of days from junior high.. although I never knew any very cute very talented boys that had their own band… I knew lots of man girls, fake friends, cute boys, and those few that were honest and didn’t give a poo about what others thought. This book had them all too.

Kacey is very superficial in the beginning. She likes the fame, the popularity, and everything that comes with it. Who wouldn’t. What she found was that all she cherished could be gone in a flash and she would be at the mercy of all those she felt inferior before. Kacey never meant to be a mean girl. She had no clue that her true and honest remarks were mean. She thought she was helping those around her come to the truth and better themselves. When she needed friends the most, her friends ditched her and an old friend resurfaces and rescues her from the pit of geekdom. What I liked about Kacey is that she did learn, she did grow, and even though it took a big fall to get there, she became a better friend and person (without losing her wittiness)
The stars of the book for me though were Zander and Paige. Zander, the skinny jean rocker boy… is so sweet. He is cool and reserved and he is exactly what you see. He likes Kacey for who she is and the glasses and braces.. no big deal. Paige, the old friend, is just smart! She doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of her. She is determined to make a difference starting with the school and she is true to herself. These two characters really made the book for me.

The writing is easy going, flows well, great pace, and very witty. The story is cliché but cute and still it’s own. The characters rock the book for sure. Quick and easy read to sit down with just to have some fun.

The writing is easy going, flows well, great pace, and very witty. The story is cliché but cute and still it’s own. The characters rock the book for sure. Quick and easy read to sit down with just to have some fun.

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  1. This sounds like such a fun read! I love the cover too. Glad you enjoyed it despite a few cliches. Sometimes characters really make the story pop. Great review!


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