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Blog Tour: Barely Alive by Bonnie R. Paulson- Review and Character Guest Post

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Barely Alive (Barely Alive, #1) Title: Barely Alive
Author: Bonnie R. Paulson 
Publisher:  Createspace
Publishing Date: March 26th 2012

Pages: 290
Genre:  YA Horror

Series: Barely Alive #1
Source: Kindle


In twelve weeks, seventeen-year-old Paul Ledger will be dead. At least he hopes so.

Paul is trapped in the worst cult the United States has ever seen. Infected with a zombie virus, symptoms culminate in a dead body but thriving mind over a course of twelve weeks. If he doesn’t earn the final death he longs for, he’ll be chained in a basement facility, moaning for human flesh for eternity.

Sent out to kidnap girls for food, toys, or whatever the boss wants, Paul nabs Heather McCain. He’s not a fan of humans as a general rule, but even his graying skin and insatiable hunger for her flesh don’t stop her from reaching out to him. Give him the second chance he doesn’t know he needs.

Overcome by his cravings, Paul bites her delectable skin. Amazingly, she doesn’t develop the zombie-like side effects. When the boss discovers Heather’s immunity, he gives Paul an ultimatum – deliver up Heather and her family to continue the research or watch as Paul’s brother suffers the zombie fate.

Paul has a chance to endure his short zombie existence knowing his brother is safe. But he’ll have to sacrifice Heather to do it.

I love the cover for this book. It is perfect for the title. The blurb grabbed me right away on this book. I love a good zombie book. This was book was really good. There are so many zombie books out there it is great to have one so different but just as creepy. Barely Alive has a great plot, fun characters, and brings the word creep to creepy. 

Paul is a zombie of sorts. He works for a really creepy guy that has injected a bunch of teenage boys with a virus, gains control of them, then sends them out to do his bidding for who knows what. This creepy guy has absolutely not morals and is just plain sick in the head. Paul fights the urges he has everyday to follow and obey this creepy guy until the day he meets Heather. She is beautiful and smells really really good. He takes one bit and he is in for the long haul. Now he finds himself on the run with Heather, two other controllable zombies, and a scientist. Order of business, don't eat Heather, find food, keep family safe (and any other humans along the way) try to find a cure, all while running from the creepy guy.

I really enjoyed this book. It was a great take on zombies. I love the fact that the virus effects people differently we have the zombies that are smart, keep living, but want to eat people or raw meat of any kind, and we have the classic zombies, not alive, not smart, no control, eat anything and everything.

I love Paul. It was really fun to be stuck in his head, watching as he works hard to keep his humanity. My new hero is a zombie for sure. He is funny, sarcastic, sweet, and full of surprises. He won my heart early on. I also really liked Heather. She was one smart, determined, tough cookie. She was hard not to like from the moment she entered the story. Sassy doesn't even begin to cover it. Lots of awesome characters in this book.

The pace was great, not too slow and not rushed. Lots of detail, lots of conversation, lots of getting to know the people, the background, and the surroundings. It wasn't hard to fall into the story early on and keep turning the pages. 

I enjoyed it very much from beginning to end. I was a little surprised when the the story ended, it just kind of ended... but I have book 2 and 3 ready to go. YAY! Great book. If you love zombies, suspense, and the creepy factor, these books are for you.

How to Impress a Guy – even a zombie… by Paul 

I’m not the guy that likes hanging with girls. They usually seem wimpy and whiny. I’m not going to lie – had Heather asked just once if we were there yet, I would’ve ignored her hotness and dropped her on the side of the road. Nothing is more annoying than an immature chick.

But… She impressed me. She didn’t whine or show serious weakness. She cried a bit here and there, but under the circumstances, I wanted to cry, too. And that doesn’t make me weak! Hell, I’m a guy and I can take most crap. But being a zombie with limited time on the earth just plain sucks. Anyway, I digress.

Heather impressed me. Here’s how:
  1. She tried attacking me with a knife. I mean, how hot is that? True, she was attacking ME, but she had the nerve to try it when I’m so much bigger than her. I like spitfire… shows passion. I’d love that fire burning my direction. 
  2. She didn’t hedge on her eating. Okay, we didn’t have a ton of food available at any given time, but she never acted like she needed to diet. End-of-the-world or not. I like a healthy appetite in my girls. 
  3. Heather is laid back – to an extent. I ate so many animals in front of her and she didn’t show any disgust or dislike. Even got me a new shirt and wipes to help with the messes I made. Sweet, right? 
  4. She bought me so many thoughtful things – I’m not saying presents are necessary, what I’m saying is she made me feel like she was thinking about me – hello, what person doesn’t like being thought of? 
  5. Biting her lip. I can’t even tell you how much this drives me crazy. Love the teeth, the lips, the tongue… all of it. The blood rushes from my head and I’m lost. 
Anyway, I may be a zombie, but I’m still all guy and I know what guys like. Pretty much be yourself. We don’t want you to look like a model or have perfect makeup. And the guys that do want that? They’re lying and being jerks. Nobody wants a flawless chick – ‘cause then we can’t be ourselves with them. And as hot as Heather is, she’s not perfect, and I don’t feel bad eating like a zombie around her, or having dirty thoughts about her – come on, you know it happens. I’m a dude!

Bonnie R. Paulson mixes her science and medical background with reality and possibilities to make even myths seem likely and give every romance the genetic strength to survive. Bonnie has discovered a dark and twisty turn in her writing that she hopes you enjoy as much as she has enjoyed uncovering it. Dirt biking with her family in the Northwest keeps her sane.

Links: Facebook/Twitter: @bonnierpaulson /WebsiteGoodreads

Falling Apart (Barely Alive #2)
Falling Apart (Barely Alive #2)


Days slip through Paul’s graying fingers. Humanity faces the end. His brother has the virus and is dying, too.

Paul’s hopes ride on Heather’s genetic code. Her immunity leaves her unchanged and untouchable. What would she see in the zombie he was becoming anyway?

Dominic’s army of infected grows, capturing the south and leaving little alive in its wake.

While Paul and his friends work on the vaccine, protecting the north becomes protecting the world. Heather is taken hostage and Paul races toward Dominic to save his heart.

With his time “alive” shortened, Paul must do more than protect the uninfected. He has to get his brother and Heather back to Sandpoint before the zombies find them. Paul needs to survive the upcoming war before he finds himself defecting to the other side and leaving Heather to Dominic’s mercy.

He has three days to get the cure or he might as well find a fire to call home.

Mostly Dead (Barely Alive #3)


Time is running out and Paul’s original wish for death looms.
As his skin grays and hunger becomes uncontrollable, the world burns.

Heather and Paul have fallen for each other, but with life and death barricading them apart, and the potential cure disappearing into time, they have no hope.

Paul’s hunger is all-consuming. He has to walk into the flames, join Dominic, or eat everyone he loves.

Can he save anyone, if not himself?


  1. Thank you so much for having me! I had a blast and love this site so much. I look forward to seeing your take on #2 and #3.
    And I would love to date Paul... I wonder if I could pull of these things Heather did to impress him (he looks a bit like Channing Tatum...) ; )

  2. Haha! I love Paul's 'tude. Sounds like a great read, I'll probably have to wrestle this away from my husband since he's into zombies more than me :)


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