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Blog Tour: Alibi The Complete Series by Annie Miles, John Byrne, Isabel Eckersley, and Sorrel Provola

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ALIBI: The Complete Series (Alibi, #1-4)Title: Alibi The Complete Series
Author: Annie Miles, John Byrne, Isabel Eckersley, and Sorrel Provola, 
Publisher: Twist Literary
Publishing Date: March 2012

Pages: 254
Genre: YA Murder Mystery

Series: Omnibus
Source: Kindle 

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Abigail Shelton is dead.

Spring Valley's golden girl is found floating face-down in her boyfriend’s pool, hands bound behind her back, head bleeding, drugs and alcohol in her system. Her friends are the only suspects – and they all have reasons to want her dead. Everyone has an alibi, but no one is innocent.

ALIBI is a 4-part young adult e-book series. Each one-hundred page installment reveals the perspective of a different character: the secret love, the nemesis, the boyfriend, the best friend. As their tales unfold, we learn that Abby is not as perfect as everyone believes, but she’s not the only one with secrets to hide. This page-turning tale of suspense, betrayal, murder, and lust will keep fans of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars up and reading well past curfew.

This book was so much fun. I love a good mystery, one with unique characters, bad guys, over zealous cops, and a real good mystery. This book gave me just that. I was entertained from page one and found myself getting excited to turn the page to the next character. 

Abby was murdered, found lying face down floating in the pool. There are 4 suspects, only 3 are known by the police. They each had a part in Abby's life, good and bad. They all have secrets, they all had access, they all had motive. So which one did it. The police sit down with 3 of the 4 suspects as they tell their story of the last night they saw Abby and we learn of the 3-4 months that led up to the fateful night. The last suspect is unknown to the police but the readers still get her story. 

I was very intrigued and entertained from page one. It was a great book with an old detective novel tone and the feel of the movie Clue. I really enjoyed how the story was told and I was very happy to have all four stories together to read at once. The setting was in a police station but the memories of the suspects took us back about  months to when it all began for each of the suspects and their involvement with Abby.

The characters were very interesting. I didn't really form an attachment to any of them although I liked a few better than the others. The idea of the book is to figure it out, a great who dunnit. It's really hard to grow an attachment with the character in about 60 pages and I really didn't get the feeling that was the point. I didn't feel a need to attach myself just to find the truth. I felt like the detective!

All the characters had dark secrets and were very selfish, screwed up in the head, made lots of mistakes but were also smart, determined, and sometimes caring and sweet. They were good and they were bad. None of them good enough to be ruled out and all of them bad enough to have done it. They were all there and all had a reason, whether a likely reason or not, to kill Abby.

The mystery was good, the drama was good, the writing was good, and the build up was good. I liked it all. Every time I read one character, I thought, Oh it's got to be him or her, then I would read the next character and it would start all over again.

I enjoyed every page, a real page turner and just for a while I was lost in a real mystery. Excellent read for mystery lovers and drama lovers. 

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  1. This sounds really good - such a cool idea! I would love to read it!

  2. Oh wow this sounds amazing! I'm definitely a mystery lover and I haven't found a truly great one in a while this could be it! I love the premise and that cover is so cool! Great review!


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