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Blog Tour: Painted Blind by Michelle A. Hansen

Title: Painted Blind
Author: Michelle A. Hansen
Publisher: by Createspace
Publishing Date: May 3rd 2012
Pages: 331
Genre: YA Mythology Retelling
Series: Stand Alone
Source: Kindle

Goodreads Summary:

Seventeen years old and agoraphobic, Psyche Middleton vows her dad will never see the risqué photos she took during a summer modeling stint abroad, but one of them ends up on a billboard in her Montana hometown. Now everyone—especially her dad—can see it. And yet, somehow, those are the mundane things in her life because she is about to fall unexpectedly, head-over-heels in love with Erik, a mysterious young man who rescues her from a crowd of admirers, and who she’s never actually seen because…he can make himself invisible.

As strange as this may seem, it’s about to get even stranger. Erik takes her to his palace in an idyllic kingdom, and she is swept into the beauty and culture of his world, but his affection has one condition: she may not see him. Overtaken, intrigued, and still not wholeheartedly believing he’s real, Psyche is going to have to decide if she can love him blindly; because if she can’t, she may lose him forever.

Wow Wow Wow! I signed up for a blog tour of this book because I like retellings, but I didn’t know much of Psyche and Cupid myth. I was intrigued. I am so HAPPY I signed up for this blog tour. This book is amazing! Oh and out of curiosity I looked up the myth. Very interesting story and this was a great retelling of that myth.

This retelling is about Psyche and her relationship with cupid, or better known as Eros, God of Love. Lucky girl! Psyche, a 17 year old girl, has decided to model over the summer to please her mother. She was modeling overseas and didn’t think anyone she knew would ever see her Venus ad. Somehow it reached the US, her hometown in Montana, and her Dad. She went from quiet girl no one really noticed to a teen idol. Now everywhere she goes there are mobs and paparazzi. One night at a carnival she is saved from the mob by an invisible boy, one she falls in love with, one who doesn’t allow her to see him…. So she takes matters into her own hands. This is when her entire world comes crashing down. She makes a deal with Aphrodite in order to see Eros again. The deal comes with three really hard tasks to complete. With the help of some friends he sets off on a journey to find her way back to Eros.

So I kind of new what I was getting into after I read the myth, but I was not prepared to fall in love myself. Erik, Eros, Cupid, any name he goes by is definitely the God of Love. Even with one minor incident in the story where his temper wins out, Eros is just delicious! He is also sweet, protective, gentle, and mysterious. I found myself on pins and needles waiting for his next appearance in this book. He is one of those characters that made me swoon and feel like a teenage girl all over again. WOWZERS. More Eros please! Moving on to Psyche…. She is a pretty cool character too. She does have her flaws, her stupid moments, but it’s a retelling and she is a teenager, what does one expect. Other than those few stupid moments, she is a very likeable person. Beautiful but doesn’t want to be. She likes to hide from the world. Has a few issues with public, but she is a very determined girl once she knows what she wants and what she has to do to get it. She started out shy and kind of helpless and really grew into a strong girl at the end. She found her voice and her backbone, and still has a kind a heart.

I found the writing style to be perfect for me. The story flowed really well, the story kept me turning pages. I had a hard time putting the book down and when I had to, I kept thinking about it and wanting to read more. The character building was great, the world of myth were beautiful and scary, true to what I would believe them to be. I was lost inside this story.

I was very surprised with the pull that this book had over me. I loved every aspect of this book and wish I had more. It was one of those books, after the last word was read, I put the book up and just smiled lost in my own world for quite a while.



About the Author:   Michelle A. Hansen was raised in southeastern Washington. She earned her bachelor of arts degree in English teaching from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and taught high school English for six years. She and her husband have four children.


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  1. Great review. I'm on this tour and I really loved this book.

  2. Thanks to you both! I makes me deliciously happy when people fall in love with the story and characters. :)

  3. The book soun great. I am looking forward to read this book :)

  4. looking forward to win and read painted blind..
    thx u so much ^^


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