Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday #12- Wonderful Librarian Friends

Thoughts for Thursday: Wonderful Librarian Friends.

I don't really have a rambling about books today but I do want to ramble about one of my closest Friends. I have a wonderful, fun, inspiring friend that who is the teen librarian that the local library.  Not only is she a great friend but she does inspire me. She runs half marathons and that to me is amazing! Next year she is running a full marathon and this year she is going to run a 5k with me and my family. Yes only a 5k but that is because we are all wimps. Anyways she is amazing. She is also great friends with my daughter since my daughter has been a part of the teen book club for well a lot of years now. So the three of us can just have fun together. She has great ideas and duh we share the same interest of books.  So she is amazing, fun, and inspiring, and she listens to me ramble about books and even gets my advice on things of books.  Most people end up tuning me out, books is my life and I talk about them alot! So all that plus.... it's fun to give input about book orders for the library and know when they get there. How awesome is that! so are you friends with  your librarian?

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  1. How fun to have such a great friend! And a librarian nonetheless. I did want to do that as a career, but when I was younger just didn't think I could do that much school. I was wrong; ended up completing just as much in another field. Thanks for sharing :)


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