Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thoughts for Thursday #11 Book ADD

Thoughts for Thursday:  Book ADD

Does anyone else get book ADD? Reading 2-3 books is not abnormal for me. I like to listen to one and have one on my kindle I am reading and then one book I am reading. Here as of lately, I am having a hard time sticking to books and finishing them before starting another. I think I have about 7 going. I am not sure if I am just to excited to start all my new books or I am burnt out. I have never been burnt out on books before, I hope this isn’t a first for me.  Have you ever had this problem and what did you do to get back on track?

Share me your thoughts!


  1. I almost never read more than one book at a time. The only time I do is if a book is extremely long, and I feel like I need to break it up with shorter books. I also might pick up a second book if my current read is taking me forever because I'm not enjoying it. Even that's rare, since I try to get through the unenjoyable so that I can get started on a new, hopefully better one.

    When I do read two books at once (never more), I'll do one physical book and one Kindle book.

  2. I'm the same as you. I'll have an audio book on the go in the car, one on my kindle/laptop and another physical book usually all being read at the same time. I just find that I like to break it up a bit and if one of the books isn't doing it for me I can have a break with one of the others and go back to it later feeling more refreshed.


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