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Review: We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, A True Story by Josh Sundquist

We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly, a true storyTitle:  We Should Hang Out Sometime: Embarrassingly A True Story
Author: Josh Sundquist
Publisher: Little Brown Books for Young Readers
Publishing Date: December 23rd 2014
Pages: 336
Genre: YA Memoir
Series: Stand Alone
Source: Audio


A bright, poignant, and deeply funny autobiographical account of coming of age as an amputee cancer survivor, from Josh Sundquist: Paralympic ski racer, YouTube star, and motivational speaker.

Josh Sundquist only ever had one girlfriend.
For twenty-three hours.
In eighth grade.

Why was Josh still single? To find out, he tracked down the girls he had tried to date and asked them straight up: What went wrong?

The results of Josh's semiscientific, wholly hilarious investigation are captured here. From a disastrous Putt-Putt date involving a backward prosthetic foot, to his introduction to CFD (Close Fast Dancing), to a misguided "grand gesture" at a Miss America pageant, this story is about looking for love--or at least a girlfriend--in all the wrong places.

Okay so I wasn't sure if I was going to read this book at first. I am not a non fiction kind of girl, but the cover and the title just called to me. I mean the cover is so awesome. Not sure what it is that makes it appealing but I love it and that title. I mean really anything with the word embarrassing has to be good right. Well it was, it was a very wonderful book and I am so glad I gave it go. It was an emotional roller coaster ride yes, not so much where I was blubbering like a baby but there were times I teared up... I was however cracking up many times throughout the book. It was a gem to find for sure. 

I have never done a blurb for a non fiction book. I am a little unsure... don't want to get it wrong. If that is possible I would do it. Anyway here it is. Josh Sundquist is 26 years old when this book starts and he wants to know why he has never had a girlfriend so he does a little experiment or analysis of all his past encounters with the girls he liked. This includes telling the story, locating the girls, and then basically interviewing them to see where he went wrong. Sound interesting... it was and it was a lot of fun. 

HMMM... well my thoughts are still all bobbled from my time reading the story. I can say that this book made me fall in love with Josh Sundquist.... I mean not literally that would be stalkerish...which is address in the book.... but oh my goodness what a great guy. This book was just so light and funny... most of the time... and it was a very inspiring read for me. 

The number one thing that drew me in for the beginning. Josh was a cancer survivor. That always inspires me. My brother and My grandmother were cancer survivors so yes I get a bit emotional over the subject. Its a very scary thing when someone you love is going through, I can't even begin to imagine what it feels like to be the one fighting the cancer and add a very young age on top of that. Amazing right. So that was a positive start for me. Then when I discovered how positive and upbeat he was after having to have a leg amputated. Wow even more amazing. So yes Josh was someone to look up to but he didn't seem to know that growing up. 

Josh seemed to of been a very socially awkward boy all the way through high school and then even some in college. I live with one of those... my son.. and yes I got it and I understood that made things a bit hard with girls. So this was Josh's story a very awkward cancer surviving amputee and how he eventually found the girl of his dreams and it all worked out. 

Of course there was much more to the story. There was self discovery and growth and all that good stuff that makes any it a very tearful book.. but as important as that was, I found the laughs made it all good. From start to finish. 

Oh and one more thing... if you are into audio books (if you aren't you should be they are awesome) Josh narrates his own book which I am sure made it even better. (if that was possible)
A great, fun, inspiring story. Everyone should give it a go. 

Josh Sundquist
Hi. I'm Josh. US Amputee Soccer Team member, motivational speaker, and Halloween enthusiast. - See more at:


  1. Huh I have seen a few reviews for this one! When I first saw the cover I thought it was a YA contemporary lol. Anyway, since you gave it 5 stars, this is clearly something I must look into! I don't read a lot of memoirs but I've always been wanting to start.

    Lovely review! <33

  2. The cover's similar to this other one that I can't remember the name of, ugh, but didn't know it was a memoir at first, but sounds very inspirational, but it also sounds humours too, and it's good that he's kept that. Definitely seems like one of those important ones that everyone should read. :)

  3. I'm not a big non-fiction either but I have been hearing some good things about this book! I too am loving the cover. I think I am just going to have to read it. I'm glad you gave it a chance and loved it. :)


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