Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thoughts for Thursday- media socializing- HELP!!!

Just the random thoughts or Jenn and Ash. What they want to talk about what they hate, what they love, what's on their mind.

So this thoughts for Thursday is about media socializing on the blogs and twitter and all the other stuff out there. I recently discovered there is a bookstagram.... huh. I think all this is so great but unfortunately  I fail. I have a hard enough time doing discussion posts so twitter messages and commenting back on comments. Really hard for me. I would love to get better at it but I am not sure how to loosen up and do it.

The problem is I am an introvert. I don't know what to say. Now if  you found me in person and started a conversation I would talk your ear off. Of course that may be nervous chit chat .. So why is it different online. For some I hear it's easier but for me not so much. I read what others are saying and I am like hmmm what can I say to that. I don't want to sound crazy, sarcastic, or nonsensical..... which is so me.  So my insecurities come out and I just shy away from it. 

Is this a problem...of course it is. I want bloggy friends. I want to share in all this goodness of socializing about books and other stuff that isn't as important. I think it's important to be involved in the blogging community as much as possible. Why.. because we all love books and who doesn't need another good friend. 

So help me guys... how do I get over this? Do you have similar issues? Do I just sound crazy? 

Ash do you have any thoughts??

Well... We all know you are a bit crazy. But I know what you mean. I used to be big into all of the social media. I had a deviantart page where I was pretty well known, instagram, and facebook I had my little community. But since work and such I have just fallen seriously behind. 

And I think I have a harder time with blogging because I haven't been here long and so I don't have many friends yet. 

But we can change this! I am all down for new friends and bloggy friends and all that fun stuff.  I guess it's just not high enough on my list of priorities (Like Doctor Who and the Walking Dead are.. Anyone for a netflix binge session!?) But I need to work on that. 
So, let's do this. Let's be friends! 


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  1. I'm great about commenting and replying, but not so great about Twitter. I have to feel really comfortable with the people in order to jump into (or start) a Twitter conversation - and I don't feel that way with that many bloggers. It's one area I need to get better at. It's nice that you have a more outgoing co-blogger who's not afraid to jump in, though - she can help pull you out of your shell!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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