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Review: Night School by Mari Mancusi

Night School (Blood Coven Vampire, #5)Title: Night School 
Author: Mari Mancusi
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Publishing Date: January 4th 2011
Pages: 256
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Series: Blood Coven #5
Source: Audio


Vampires, Slayers and…FAIRIES? Sunny and Rayne McDonald are about to get SCHOOLED.

After their parents’ shocking revelation about their fae heritage and an attack on their lives, the McDonald twins find themselves on the run—forced to hide out at Riverdale Academy , a boarding school for vampire slayers, deep in the Swiss Alps. With no cells, no internet, and no way to contact their vampire boyfriends—the twins are on their own.

Being a vampire stuck in a school full of slayers isn’t easy. Especially with no blood substitute stocked on campus. Soon Rayne finds herself succumbing to her bloodlust and losing control—especially around the arrogant, but devastatingly handsome Corbin Billingsworth the Third—who isn’t sure whether he wants to kiss her…or kill her.

But when Sunny starts acting strange, Rayne realizes Riverdale Academy may be hiding some deadly secrets of its own—leading to a showdown in Fairyland that may cost the twins their lives.

I believe this has been my favorite of the series for sure. I felt there was much more going on, an evil plan in the making, tricksters at their best, and so many funny antics. I was laughing out loud many times during this read. I loved this book and the series keeps getting funnier and more serious at the same time.

Rayne and Sunny find out their parents are fairies and their entire lives have been a ruse, running from the fairy courts. Now the fairies are after Sunny to be the next fairy queen. So to keep the fairies from find Sunny, the twins are rushed off to a slayer school in the Swiss Alps. It happens to be a very secluded very guarded boarding school. The least of theirproblems, no wireless electronics…. The worst of their worries, no synthetic blood for Rayne. Not only are the twins having trouble adapting, the school is up to something and it’sabout to come to surface with Rayne right smack in the middle.

Ok so there are multiple storylines going in this installment and I liked that. Sunny and Rayne start off with the same objective but when things get a little hairy… Rayne finds herselfhaving to deal with one emergency after another. This book was for sure nonstop action and fun. When I first read the fairy part back in Bad Blood at the end, I wasn’t sure where this would lead. When I started Night School, I wasn’t sure I was going to like the new direction. Somewhere in the middle of the story it all just fell into place and made sense. Fairies…why not. The humor an irony of it beats all hands down.

There wasn’t much Sunny in this book, she had her fill in the last book. Rayne dominated and I really started to like her in this book. For once she showed me she cared more about her sister than her own needs and desires. She started to really kick butt and embrace her vampire slayer/vampire powers. She did make a few mistakes that were just stupid but easilyunderstood. She finds her way out of her own mess with the help of Jareth of course and its all good in the end.

I want to make a note about the fairyland world building, it was crazy and silly but oh so much fun. I just couldn’t help but laugh my way through it. I mean really no one else could have pulled it off the way Mari Mancusi did. Loved It!

I felt there was also quite a bit more action scenes in this story and that kept me on my toes. Everyone was involved in fighting even Sunny and Rayne’s parents. The book is of course fast paced and a quick read like the other and I really can’t wait to read on in the series.

I am still loving this series!


  1. Ooh another series that looks like I would love! Fairies and vampires, how interesting!

  2. This is a series that I definitely wouldn't mind reading. Sounds like a good mix, vampire, fairies, works for me. :) Great review.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever


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