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Review: Sing by Vivi Greene

SingTitle: Sing
Author: Vivi Greene
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publishing Date: May 31st, 2016
Pages: 279
Audio Length: 6 Hours and 18 Minutes
Genre: YA Contemporary
Series: Standalone
Source: Audio

America’s most famous pop star flees the spotlight to recover from her latest break-up in Maine—only to fall for a local boy and be faced with an impossible choice at the end of the summer: her new guy, or her music.
Multiplatinum pop icon Lily Ross’s biggest hits and biggest heartbreaks (because they are one and the same):

1. AGONY. (That feeling when her ex ripped her heart out of her chest and she never saw it coming.)
2. GHOSTS. (Because even famous people are ghosted by guys sometimes. And it sucks just as much.)
3. ONCE BITTEN. (As in: twice shy. Also, she’s never dating an actor or a musician ever again.)

But this summer’s going to be different. After getting her heart shattered, Lily is taking herself out of the spotlight and heading to a small island in middle-of-nowhere Maine with her closest friends. She has three months until her fall tour starts-three months to focus on herself, her music, her new album. Anything but guys.

That is . . . until Lily meets sweet, down-to-earth local Noel Bradley, who is so different from anyone she’s ever dated. Suddenly, Lily’s “summer of me” takes an unexpected turn, and she finds herself falling deeper and harder than ever before. But Noel isn’t interested in the limelight. She loves Noel-but she loves her fans, too. And come August, she may be forced to choose.
What made me pick this book up: 
It has a really cute cover. When I was looking at books to review this was a short one too. 

What did I like about the cover: 
I love the simplicity of it. The colors are cute. I love that it just looks like marker. 

What made me read this book: 
We needed to review it, and it was a short one. Besides that it looked like a cute, simple, quick read. 

What did I like the most: 
Honestly? The ending was great. I actually cried. I rated this a three star because of how much the MC grows in this book. You get to see her go from a whiny, self absorbed, boy reliant teenager to a  semi-strong and caring... teenager.

I also really love the writing. It was very simple but almost had a poetic feel about it. 

What didn't I like: 
The main character was very self centered. It's to be expected. She's a big time singer, so all she has to think about is herself. 

I really hate the back and forth. The "I need a man" "No I don't" "I won't fall in love again" "oh my god I fell in love again" It's exhausting. Definitely something a 16/17 year old would go through. 

One thing I have a hard time with YA contemporary books is the insta love and how they're so dramatic. They feel everything as strongly as can be. And I went through that! I don't want to again.

I have learned to live with that, because I have started to love YA contemporaries. But this one was just really over the top. The lying to her friends and the insta love. 

She does get better in the end.

Would I read the rest of the series/more from this author?
Yeah probably. 

Was a cute quick loving read.

“Sometimes, life gives you all kinds of stuff at once, and you have to make choices. Sometimes what you want and what you need will be two different things. Sometimes life won’t make sense, and things will be complicated, and it won’t be easy. The choices won’t be easy. But you’re going to be okay. We’re going to be okay.” 
― Vivi Greene, Sing

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Vivi Greene is a pop-culture addict and lives year-round on an island off the coast of New England.


  1. All of the " I hate falling in love" "I will never fall in love" and "Omg he's the one" back and forth gets really tiring to read. Also it reminds me of the song "I won't say I'm in love" in Hercules. Those characters are totally going to fall in love.

    Elle Inked @ Keep on Reading

  2. This one is new to me. I probably would have had some trouble with the lying in this one. I have to be careful about which YA Contemporary books I pick up. I do love that cover!

  3. Ah the back and forth would drive me bonkers! Thanks for the heads up :)

    Erica | Erica Robyn Reads


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