Monday, February 25, 2019

Bookish Banter: Dream bookstore

A little Bookish Banter to get us through.  Bookish Banter is a little bit of banter about our bookish thoughts as we have a friendly discussion over a nice cup of tea.

Today we are going to discuss bookstores. But not just bookstores. We are going to design our dream bookstore. What would you put in it? What would it look like?


This is something I actually think about quite often. I have a couple different things that I would do. 

I would either do it a cool looking 1980's arcade type thing. So maybe some games and then the decor would be all 1980's type.

Image result for but that's cool gif

So it's all really bright and fun, probably doesn't have as many older books. Can even have some toys from the 80's. 

Or I would do a really cool coffee/tea shop but like everything looks all vintage and type writers and like it's an antique store. BUT WITH BOOKS!?! WHAAA.

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Okay this is something I have given lots of thought too over the past..... well almost all my life. 

My bookstore would be something of a mix of a board game place, a book store, and a coffee house with baked yummies..... All of my favorite things. 

So first of it would look all vintage like and it would have two stories with a old wooden spiral staircase int he center of the store.  It would be rustic and farmhouse with vintage furniture. 

In the back of the first floor would be a coffee house with baked goods like cupcakes and cake pops an cookies. Also on the bottom floor would be shelves of books lined up against the wall..floor to ceiling with a sliding ladder of course.  There will be couches and chairs and coffee tables set up in the center. 

Upstairs wold be more shelves with books in half of the room. The other half would be board games for sale and for demo... with  farmhouse style gaming tables set up for fun game play. 

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So have you ever thought about this?? If you could go and make your perfect bookstore right now, what it look like?
Let's Banter!


  1. I would love something that feels warm and cozy, lots of comfy chairs for people to read in. Maybe also a coffee/tea bar.

  2. I'd like a bookstore where I could showcase a lot of the great Indie authors I read and try and get others to buy them! Trouble is a lot of them have exclusive deals with Amazon.


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