Monday, July 9, 2018

June Monthly Recap

Here's our monthly recap!

We decided to start doing a monthly recap. Since we post and read a ton we will hightlight what our favorite things were and what we hope to read the upcoming month. If you would like to see all our posts, here are our weekly wrap-ups.

Our Weekly Wrap-ups last month:

Ash's Month!

♥ We saw Incredibles 2 in theaters

♥ We also saw Deadpool 2 in theaters. It's even better than the first one!

♥ Father's Day was this month, and we got my dad and hubby a new grill. 
♥ John entered a cook-off and got second place for his chicken and third for his ribs!

Some other great pictures taken in June:

♥ I only read 7 books in June. I know June was a hard month. Been very very distracted.

Some of my favorite posts from June:

My favorite books read in June:

5 Stars:
Splintered (Splintered, #1)The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)

4 Stars:
Who R U Really?Dead Is the New Black (Dead Is, #1)

3 Stars:
Daughters Unto DevilsJurassic Park (Jurassic Park, #1)

Books I hope to read in July
The Things We Learn When We're DeadScreams You HearThe Last Time I LiedYou'll Never Know, DearA Drop of NightAll the Truth That's in MeThe Elite (The Selection, #2)Shakespeare Undead (Shakespeare Undead, #1)The Darkest PathRebel (Reboot, #2)


June was a good month. I didn't do anything too special... and all the cool things I did, Ash already mentioned. Darn her. I don't take a lot pictures so I don't really have any to post. But it was a fun month. 

It was a pretty normal month of reading for me. I read 30 books for the month. So it was a good month for reading. The end of the month was a little slower for me. 

Favorite posts from June:

Favorite books:

5 Star:
The Forgotten OnesSave the DateIf There's No TomorrowBring Me BackThe Strange Fascinations of Noah HypnotikStake That (Blood Coven Vampire, #2)

4 Star:
The DateAll the Ever Afters: The Untold Story of Cinderella’s StepmotherThe ElizasSomething in the WaterWho R U Really?The Death of Mrs. WestawayWhisper (Whisper, #1)The OutsidersI Am Number Four (Lorien Legacies, #1)Jar of HeartsClub Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, #3)

Reading Stats:

30 Books Read

16 Adult 
13 ya 
1 Non-Fiction
On May's Monthly Recap I listed 30 hopeful books. I am proud to say I stuck with it pretty well. Out of the 30 listed and my 30 read- I matched 16- yay over half. ( that one extra makes it over half!) 

July Hopefuls:
Diners, Dives & Dead Ends (Rose Strickland Mystery, #1)One S'more Summer (The Campfire Series, #1)Icons (Icons, #1)FawkesSea WitchContagion (Contagion, #1)Scream All NightCampfireErasing Time (Erasing Time, #1)Ten After ClosingThe Memory TreesThe Queen's Rising (The Queen’s Rising, #1)84KZero Repeat Forever (The Nahx Invasions #1)#MurdertrendingGame of SecretsThe Girl with the Red Balloon (The Balloonmakers, #1)NineDefy the Worlds (Constellation, #2)AllegedlyThe CheerleadersGood Me Bad MeLifel1k3 (Lifelike, #1)The Girl You Thought I WasBig WoodsIlluminae (The Illuminae Files, #1)Murder of Crows (The Others, #2)Beyond the Red (Beyond the Red, #1)Pretty BabyIf We Were Villains

How was your month of June? Anything new and exciting or just good ole' fun? Did you get a lot of reading done? 


  1. Some great books this past month! And some good ones you hope to read in July.
    Check out my June wrap-up post

  2. Som great books for all of you this past month and some I definitely want to read as well! The Others series by Bishop is a favorite of mine!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a great month! I just read a really good review of The Last Time I Lied, and I'm also planning to read Contagion and #murdertrending:-)

  4. Oooo Who R U Really! I remember reading that a while ago and liking it (seriously creepy, am I right??) so I'm so glad you both ended up liking it as well. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on The Elites, Ash. It's definitely a controversial middle book so I'm curious to see how it turns out for you. I hope you both have a lovely July!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  5. I hope you enjoy The Elite, Ash! The selection series is one of my favourite series when I’m in a slump. The characters are just so lovable!

  6. Ash:
    Cute kiddo photos! And yay for Splintered! Heres to more great reading in July. 📚

    I love and adore the cover to All the Ever Afters. I hope your reads in July are all fab! 📚

  7. Aww, cute photos. I hope you guys are having a good July and getting lots of reading done.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  8. Interested to see Ash has the Charlie Laidlaw book to read in July. I enjoyed it a lot :-)


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