Sunday, July 8, 2018

Creature Feature: Trolls! In The Dungeon!

Creature Feature created by Michael is a feature that focuses on the wonderful world of fantasy, science fiction, and horror creatures. 

We are joined today by the great ship sailor, mighty Troll slayer, and fantastic ax-wielding Gunnar Sorenson.

Me: Glad you could make it today to discuss your foe, the troll.

Gunnar: Those nasty things they are just plain evil.

Me: How many trolls have slayed in your journeys?

Gunnar: Over 350 but I lost count some time ago.

Me: Did you take them all on single-handed?

Gunnar: Well I have 2 hands...

Me: I mean did you have anybody else along who helped you take those trolls down.

Gunnar: some trolls I needed me kamerats to take down, but there were some I was able to take down myself.

Me: Kamerats?

Gunnar: Me shipmates. 

Me: how tall are trolls because I have heard stories that they can be as big as 10 feet and some are smaller under 3 feet.

Gunnar: Aye yes some are small but some very large. Almost as big as my ship.

Me: what do trolls look like?

Gunnar: All sorts of different types of trolls. They live in the forest and those have green like skin and look more branch like and very tall(8'-10') Some live in caves and more like your size (5'10"). They are gray and have skin that looks kind of like rocks. Jagged and rough. Then there are the ones live in mountains and very short (3' or less) and have clay-like skin and are brown.

Me:  Do they hate sunlight?

Gunnar: aye yes sunlight causes trolls to turn to stone. So those in forest stay hidden amongst trees. Those in caves don't come during daylight. And those in mountains retreat to caves in mountains during the day. That is how I defeated some trolls was to enrage them enough to forget about sunlight and they stepped out into it and turned to stone within seconds.

Me: Did trolls attack your village or did you have to seek them out?

Gunnar: Sometimes they attacked our churches late at night. Though sometimes they stole some of our supplies so we were tasked to hunt these creatures down and take them out.

Me: Well I think that is all we have time for. Thank you for coming by and discussing trolls with us today.

Gunnar: Aye good day to ya.

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