Thursday, April 5, 2018

Answer Me This: What do You Snack?

Answer Me This. We are hoping this will help our friends get to know us a just a tad bit better. 

What do you like to snack on?

All the things! Just kidding, mostly. 
No but really it just depends on my mood. I think I have the regular I want crunchy, I want sweet, I want salty, etc. 

If I'm watching a movie I generally like candy, like peanut Mnm's, Mike and Ikes, or something of the sort. I'm not big on popcorn. 

If I'm gaming I always like nachos. Which is an awful combination. Sticky nacho fingers and a keyboard? Ew... 

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If I'm reading I like regular or turtle chex mix, mini brownies, or jalapeno cheetos. Those are my go-to snacks for the readathon. Oh and nachos, and jalapeno poppers usually. We also usually have bagel bites too.

If I'm drinking I always want a sub sandwich from walmart or pizza rolls. Those are my late night drunk snacks.

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Also really like fruit. Grapes, pineapples, kiwi. All great fruits to snack on.

Then of course there is those moods where I want to snack anything and everything I can find. 

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Some of my other favorite snacks include....

Queso and chips, cheese cubes, sometimes ice cream is great. But I really don't consider ice cream a snacky food... I'm at a loss as to what I like to snack on.

For now we'll stick with that!


I am not much of a snacker unless I am bored or in the middle of something that takes my concentration. So when I do snack it depends on what I am doing and my mood.

I like to snack while watching television. I mean who doesn’t. I also love snacks during movies. When I am just watching television I like to get my protein snacks or some cheese cubes. Something small that won't make me full since usually its before dinner when I watch television.

If I rent a movie I like to snack on candies. We go get the movie boxes from the store and I like to get sour patch kids or sprees. Sometimes peanut m&ms or whoppers.

When I go to the movie I like to stick with the sourpatch or I get junior mints and popcorn. I love to put my junior mints in the popcorn and let them melt a bit. The chocolate mint and salty buttery popcorn yum. If you haven’t tried it, it’s good. Even if it does sound strange.

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When I read at night I like to snack too. I like to snack on grapes or pretzels. Something sweet or salty depending on my mood but something easy to do with one hand.

I am not much of a chip person. I always go for the pretzels for my salty and crunchy.

When I play board games I like to snack like crazy. When we have board game nights we like to do queso and chips. Yum. Also one our favorites its Chipotle raspberry sauce over cream cheese and crackers. That is so so yum. I also like to have soda ready on hand.

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When we do our 24 hour read a thon (which is coming up) we just add all these things together and have a great time. Oh and we never forget the coffee!

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  1. If I'm watching TV or reading I tend to eat either chocolates or crisps. A heavy duty case of the munchies requires a pile of cheese on something...


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