Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wee Reads: Lulu is a Rhinoceros by Jason and Allison Flom

Ever since Finn was born, and even before then, we would read to him. We wanted to show him reading from an early age. Now he loves us to read the same books, over, and over, and over. But it is the sweetest thing, when he likes to pick out a book and climb into our laps. 

Lulu Is a RhinocerosLulu is a Rhinoceros by Jason Flom and Allison Flom


Everyone thinks Lulu is a bulldog. It's what she looks like on the outside, so it must be what she is on the inside. But Lulu know she's not really a dog.
Lulu is a rhinoceros-that's what she sees when she looks in the mirror. When Lulu decides to tell the world who she really is, it begins a wild adventure.

Do you like this book?
Yes! I love doggies and she wasn't a rhino, but she was cute! 

What's your favorite part of the book?
When she puts a banana on her head! And an ice cream cone! That's just silly, and she's not a rhino, she's a doggie!

What do you think of the cover?
It has a doggie and a rhino! And I like the letters.

Do you want me to read it again?

This is such a cute book! Lulu is a pug who believes with everything that she is, that she's a rhinoceros! She says even though she's soft and fluffy on the outside, on the inside she is a rhino. And she believes that if only she had a horn then everyone will see that she's a rhino! So she tries to find horn shaped objects to put on her head, such as a traffic cone, ice cream cone, and even a banana peel!

This is a great book that teaches kids that if they believe enough, no matter what anyone else says, they can be whoever and whatever they want to be.

Lulu is a Rhinoceros had me cracking up, and saying "aw!" It had such great artwork and great writing, and like I said, it's a great story.

We received an ARC for this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. That looks so cute. I bet my grandson would love this book.


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