Thursday, October 15, 2015

Wee Reads- Halloween

Ever since Finn was born, and even before then, we would read to him. We wanted to show him reading from an early age. Now he loves us to read the same books, over, and over, and over. But it is the sweetest thing, when he likes to pick out a book and climb into our laps. 

What Finn Reads....  

Where's Boo?
Where's Boo by Salina Yoon

Where's Boo? is a guessing game in board book form. Very young readers will love searching for Boo the black cat among familiar Halloween characters and objects—and finding something unexpected instead. Each page offers a hint of Boo, but it isn't until the last page that readers will find him. And when they do, they'll want to start all over and do it again!

Black fuzzy flocking on Boo on the front cover and the last spread add depth and a tactile element to this die-cut board book—as well as extra value.

What Finn Thinks...
Finn absolutely adores this book. He always gets excited when we ask him "Is boo hiding here" And he shakes his head all excited like. Then acts surprised when we turn the page and it's not boo. One of his favorite things is for us to ask "Where's the...?" and he gets to point it out, such as "Where's the spider? Where's the cookie jar? Where's the witch?" He just loves to be able to point out where they are. His favorite pages are the second to last, and the last page. On the second to last page there is a door, and every time we read the book, when we get to the door, he knocks on it. And of course the last page has boo on it, and he loves boo. Probably partially because boo is a cat, and partially because we spend the entire book getting all hyped up trying to find boo. There are also three ghosts on the last page that he loves.

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